Buffering Issue With Larger Songs

I’ve just now encountered a weird bug:

  1. Have two SC6000 linked up using an X1850 (or a hub, I don’t think the mixer is important)
  2. Have a large song (MP3, ~250MB, ~2h in length, in my case it’s a prerecorded set I really like)
  3. Put the song in a library on one player (in my case an internal Evo 850 SSD)
  4. Set a cue point ~30 minutes into the song (an awesome drop in my case)
  5. Load the track on the linked player
  6. Play until ~2min into the recording, then trigger the cue point (at a beat mark)

The following happens for me with v3.2.0:

  1. The part continues playing as expected from the cue point for ~1,5s
  2. Silence for 0,5-0,8s, the metronome ticks away during that time
  3. Playback continues, metronome resyncs to beatgrid

I’m assuming this is a software issue, since the SSD is fast enough and I’ve used CAT 7 cables to link the players, the track is also not that big for its length, so the player should be able to have in in RAM entirely (I can’t be sure of that since DenonDJ won’t allow me to use SSH to debug that stuff myself)

Do you have quantize on when triggering?

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Not to be pedantic, but are you really loading a 2 hr “song” or is it a recording of a performance of some sort.

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He said it’s a prerecorded set. My guess is a BPM change and quantize is on.

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That’s a good point actually, also is there a real need to have a pre-recorded set on a network player? If you’re not actually DJing then surely just playing it on the primary device is the sensible move?

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Yes, you have to bear in mind that they’re designed for DJing, and most of us are highly unlikely to be playing one “track” for two hours.

The benchmark is probably Rapper’s Delight. If they can handle 15-20 mins that’s all they (should) need.

There’s a historical reason too why CDs (officially) hold 74 minutes.

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The reason CDs handle 80 Mins of music is because back in the day some publisher wanted to fit a whole classic suite on one disc, and thats the roughly 700Mb size they ended up with.

Holding on to backwards baggage like that on a player that should be able to handle a 4TB library is not going to help Denon in the long run.

I had another issue where a file that had a ~8Min song that was >300Mb in size which can’t be played even on the player with the SSD in it. Just makes me feel like Denon slapped the “96k” label on their hardware without having thought about what that kind of quality means for file sizes.

Of course I was also told by multiple members of this forum that this issue isn’t actually an issue because I’m just using wayy too large files. No real person would ever use files that large.

Regarless of the length in time or size in bytes the track in question has, I don’t really see the reason why you should have any say about how I DJ. In that case (if that’s so interesting) my laundry was done so I started playing my favourite set while I was taking care of that and started playing another song right in the middle of the set when I was done. Again, I don’t see why that is in any way relevant to the issues that these players have MASSIVE problems with files above ~200Mb.

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@STU-C here solving problems as usual. Too bad the flagging thing only seems to work when you flag my posts as irrelevant, not the other way around.

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Just play the pre-recorded limo from the local player , not the networked one

This has already been covered by Denon - have a search on the forum. Large files are known not to work - especially when it’s recognised that primes can load 4 tracks at once …. If it’s 4 x 2 hour tracks

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@Pasha thanks, but this is a bug report. I am not looking for a workaround.

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Hi Lerk I also have two SC6000 and know of the file size issue. When I first got these the max file size that would work via the link cable was 250Mb got this from inMusic. Although I have two separate seagate drives anyway (both have everything on) one for each player thought it would be nice still be able to play a track from the opposite player if needed so spent 7 week making any file over 250 Mb smaller. But a few months later with one of the updates this went down to 236Mb so not happy. Anyway as I say each player has it’s own drive so not an issue, but what is happening very much now as they have added loads of new features the internal memory is smaller to deal with all these new upgrades. I know this as my tracks are now taking longer to load even though it’s plugged into it’s own drive, I don’t know by how much it’s reduced by yet but will check at some point.

Now I need to point out I am very much into the good quality sound so I make digital copies of my record collection at 192,000 kHz @ 24 bit Wav uncompressed for my Hi-Fi but scale these down to 96,000 kHz @24 bit for my SC6000s as that’s what they play back at. But what really annoys me In the Denon spec it’s says these players read uncompressed files (Wav) up to 192,000 kHz @ 32 Bit, but to be able to work via the link with what I have said about them reducing the file size memory the track would be so short (like an advert) it’s pointless claim. Thinking of taking this up with Trading Standards.

Also they claim that the 1850X mixer has faders with a 60mm throw, not sure where they got there tape measure from but they are only 50mm yet another false claim.

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But I have solved your problem, play large files on the primary device.

No that doesn’t solve the problem at all.

There’s a reason I used the linked player.

Denon claims it works so it should.

Yeah at least I’m not alone in being disappointed in that regard.

Yes quantize is on, and since that particular set has no consistent bpm, I’ve edited the beatgrid so the part with the hot cue I mentioned aligns perfectly. But I didn’t use sync, and sync usually “glides/bends” the track to align it, instead stuttering.

@lerk yeah, just ignore the first two paragraphs in my post to suit your own ends. :man_shrugging:

Like I said (and you ignored) playing a single file that lasts more than two hours is a highly unlikely use case, even if you’d done so on the player where it was stored.

In 99.99% (recurring) of use for DJing it’s never going to be required.

Funny that you think you can apply rules to art.

Regardless of the duration of the track, I have way shorter songs that have the same if not more problems that relate to the file size in Bytes.

This is clearly a bug in the player software. I don’t care if you usually don’t use your players the way I do, DJing is not about doing the same stuff everyone else does.

If you have nothing valuable to add, please consider not adding anything at all.

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FWIW. You got flagged in the past mostly by staff, not Stu-C.

You flagged 4 posts off-topic in this topic that are part of an expected discussion on this forum. You state you don’t appreciate a workaround to this “bug report”. However, you even opted a workaround here: https://community.enginedj.com/t/add-ability-to-extend-the-internal-storage-using-the-sata-drive/46955 but was deemed not possible at this time.

I’m not debating the way a DJ uses his equipment and I kinda agree it should “simply” work the way you described. I do debate the moderation about posts.

Personally I would place an SSD in both players until that time comes.


There’s a lot of that going on - it’s an ears/eyes closed - imo he’s on a blinkered self quest of “until I can do the extremely nichè thing that I wanna do, I’m ignoring everything and everybody unless they back me up” just my opinion though of course

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Thanks Reese, my memory is shocking these days but I definitely don’t remember doing what they thought I was doing :rofl:

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