BPM FX channel assign sound glitch

Hi everyone,

I’m having some issues on the channel assign knob of the BPM FX on the SC Live 4. Sometimes when rotating the knob quickly or repeatedly, or even sometimes just once, to a different channel, I can hear glitches in the sound. It got so bad at some point the sound just stopped entirely after one of these glitches and I had to reboot to actually be able to get some sound out of the SC Live, no decks where working anymore.

Have any of you encountered such an issue? I run the latest Engine DJ software but could this be a more serious hardware issue?



Does this happen when the effect is on or off?

Maybe the first time yeah, I’m not entirely sure and I’m not home this weekend to check but nonetheless it keeps glitching when switching channel repeatedly without activating the effect in between. So I guess the answer is basically that it happens in both cases!

Yooo I have exactly the same issue! So frustrating

for me the issue appears when i for example want to fade out the first song and then switch the channel select to see channel one and select echo out effect but the effect isnt turned on. Happens when switching the channels for the efect.

I wrote the store where I bought it from and they told me I should try to downgrade the software and see if the issue then still persists.

I have also uploaded a video to my drive where u can see the issue.

Yes I have exactly the same issue. Are you running the latest 3.2 Engine DJ firmware? if it’s a software issue then everybody running the same version should get pretty much the same defect but I guess it’s possible to miss it. At first I had a hard time discerning it.

Yes I am running also the latest. And I will try to downgrade and then see how its going .

Hey, did the downgrade do the job?