Beatport Link offline locker on prime Go

Anyone knows if there is Beatlink Offline Locker available on Prime Go? I cannot find the feature. Thank you


Not at this moment.

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Thank you buddy … hopefully a new feature for the next update.

In the press release beatport and DENON clearly state:

Beatport LINK is currently available in 3 tiers; basic LINK with 128 Kbps AAC streaming and full track playback on the Store for $14.99 per month; LINK PRO with 256 Kbps AAC streaming, full track playback on the Store, and a 50 track Offline Locker for $29.99 per month; and LINK PRO+ with 256 Kbps AAC streaming, full track playback on the Store, and a 100 track Offline Locker for $44.99 per month.

So from the business/legal side it should definitely be possible to have an offline locker.


In that same press release:

Both Denon DJ and Beatport are committed to continuing the evolution of this groundbreaking new DJ technology and will incorporate LINK’s patented Offline Locker, allowing LINK PRO and PRO+ users to store between 50 and 100 tracks offline and perform on their Engine OS enabled products without an Internet connection for the first time in history. Beatport’s Offline Locker will be released in the coming months along with a Beatsource integration, specializing in open-format DJing, for subscribers of Beatsource LINK, LINK PRO, and PRO+.

So who knows one day “soon”. :wink:


I arrived at a gig that was an hour drive from home. Once I arrived I realized I forgot to grab a bag that had my Prime Go and external SSDs. I had my Prime 4 as my main deck so not all was lost, but I had to do the entire event using Beatsource and occasionally Tidal for songs not available on Beatsource. I was dreading a WiFi outage that would have been disastrous. Cell phone service sucked at the venue so my personal hotspot could not be used. Thankfully everything went fine and I loved using streaming services. Still, not having total control of my connection to streaming services was nerve wracking. Denon should prioritize making the offline locker available to use. Denon? Are you listening? Your customers are speaking!


Wasn’t that press release from 2020?

The one piece of kit you would expect offline storage to be available for would be the Prime Go!

Come on Denon this needs to be top priority for your next major update it really does.


Every week or so, we get here a new user in here, ranting how they thought some feature was available on their Prime Go/ 2 /4 only to discover it is not.

And the story is always the same: it is available on DJ software with cheap controllers, it costs to much not to have that feature, it’s called Prime so it should have it and my favorite: Denon should be the first to have that feature because all the DJ’s would then buy it.

Pointing out that competitor products cost higher and still don’t have that feature doesn’t work.

Pointing out that DJ software is not the same as standalone hardware doesn’t work.

Pointing out that there are other, much more basic and user supported requests waiting to be implemented doesn’t work.

For all the pointing, we get sh ited on that were are fanboys and/or forum “baddies”.

Maybe…just maybe…the problem is not the product?


Ok baby. Let’s keep it cool. I’m sure they’re working on it 100% and what they’ve done so far is absolutely awesome. Would be nice to see the feature soon though :grinning:

I’d like to chime in here one more time.

Yes offline storage would be awesome and I’m pretty darn sure that Denon are actively working on it, but you have to take your hat off to what they’ve already accomplished with Engine OS. It’s fire :fire: Such a modern take on the software of old and I’m massively impressed with what it’s already capable of.


Has offline locker been added with Engine DJ 2.0?

nop, hope will be very soon, don’t like to use serato to do that

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Same here, I got rid of my laptop to go with a stand-alone unit like Denon. so I hope they do this ASAP

yea , at the moment, only serato and vdj doing the offlocker job, serato i try, no very happy how to work with the prime 4, but vdj, oh my gosh, surprise me , never fun of vdj, but i have to say , spot on, can you create playlist from beatport on the fly, smooth with the prime 4, and a lot more stuff, i stay with vdj for now and waiting to the stand alone get a update

Pretty disappointing this feature still isn’t available, I’m sure I emailed beatport at the start off the year and they said it’s in the pipeline.

You would think them and denon would make this a priority.


Even the iPad app DJay has offline locker​:pray: I’m waiting too :crossed_fingers:

I believe there is a workaround here. I’ve prepared tracks in rekordbox, including the offline locker, then migrated the library (including the offline locker) to lexicon and then over to engine. Synced with a usb stick, plugged into sc6000 and the tracks were available offline through the sc6000’s.

I’m waiting for this feature as well! Word of advise for engine prime developers I wouldn’t release half baked features if it’s not fully completed. I purchased the beatsource subscription not knowing the engine prime software didn’t have full copiability of the service.

Go check when the date when beatsource added offline locker and then check the date when beatsource streaming was added to Prime hardware.

Dear Denon, It’s almost the end of 3Q of 2023, and there is nothing from you on when we are going to get the off line locker ability in our Prime 4, Prime Go, or EngineDJ OS desktop software. Please for the love of god, either get going on this or remove it from your marketing, as well as your Beatport and Beatsource partners marketing. Is it coming or not?? And if so when??? This was announced in 2020 and in 2023 still nothing…false marketing I am starting to sense…and same lawyers would agree at this point too.