Beatmatching - Jogwheel doesn't react - SC5000

Hey guys,

I have the following problem: when i try beatmatching via the jogwheel it happens that the adjustment is not taken over by the player. Means that during the beatmatching no speed changes are applied. If I continue to turn the wheel even though the player does not respond, the playback position jumps to a random position in the track.

The problem occurs sporadically and only after an hour or more of use. Perhaps the device needs to warm up before the problem reappears. Possibly this is a mechanical problem? Maybe someone knows something about it?

Thanks for your ideas :100:

Hello @Geerod Welcome to the forum. Are You using sync or layer change?

Hey @NoiseRiser Thanks :wink: No I don’t use sync but I do use layer switching. I have experienced that the problem occurs when using two decks simultaneously as well as using one deck.

So You are sometimes maybe trying to pitchbend the wrong deck? Or are You referring to pitch fader?

Also, make sure there’s nothing on or touching the platters when you boot them up.

Hey guys,

it’s only about moving the jogwheel on the outer side (silver ring). So no pitch fader in action. I take special care that nothing touches the touch-sensitive top.

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Do you get the same reaction whether it’s set to vinyl or cd mode? Are the outlets the decks are plugged into properly grounded?

In both modes the problem comes up. Every Player has its own outlet so the grounding should be good.

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Are you getting the same problem from both decks or just one?

Does it happen on a single layer operation also?

The problem comes up on layer one an Two. No matter if I use them simultaneously or only layer a or layer b.

But does it happen when You start up and don’t switch the layer. Just when playing on the single layer mode?

Unfortunantly yes…

Is it happening on one deck or on both players?

Both players have this problem in single and duallayer usage

Are the plastic films off of the platters ?

This has nothing to do when vinyl mode is off… read the subject again. Clearly stated - pitch bend by the rim of the jog wheel. There is no touch.

Easy there… just checking, as some don’t realise there’s two elements/surfaces to the jog wheel and platter area.

And others have different names for things, like we’ve seen “bpm time” and “pitch volume control” etc lol

No stress, just wanted to remind, that all this was already said there. No need to double :wink:

Absolutely. This is a perplexing one though.

The fact that it only shows after an hour. … gives me thoughts about static building up in the user, or some local fan or aircon is disturbing grounding by kicking in an hour after the poster is getting “into” the mix… Standalone mode or a computer involved? As some computers are great at performing one way for a while then performing differently when warm.

Perplexing for sure