Automatic cue point calculation

Does anyone have experience with automatic cue point calculation with for example machine learning?

Do you mean downbeat detection? Isn’t this a solved problem already?

No point in reinventing the wheel just because the phrase “machine learning” is in fashion these days…

Hi Jonny, It is not only the downbeat detection. I’m trying to loose less time in the preparation phase. I have done a lot of work already on automating workflow for backup, set keys and title tags. I have many new songs that I want to add at the same time to the Prime engine. For all of those I want to set the cues on:

  • 16 bars before the start of the verse
  • Start of the verse
  • Optional start of the Pre - chorus
  • Start of the Chorus / refrain
  • Start of the Bridge
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I wouldn’t feel happy about playing a song that I’d not even heard the once, while I was setting its cue points

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Nitebeatz, I understand your point. Think about it like this; Most of them you hear daily on the radio. And there is a difference between cueing up songs and exercising transitions on them.

MIK and rekordcloud places cue points.

Not sure if they can be customized though.

MIK goes by “energy”

Mixed in keys does it. But would it not be fantastic, if denon could also implement such a tool to our EP? I mostly do my cue points on the fly, while I play a track. But when a software could preselect interesting points in a track, why should we do it not automatically. for all those who doesn´t want this. let it be an option on analyzing process. klick a checkmark before analyzing and let it go … or remove the check mark and set your cues by yourself.

I like the idea.

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Usually i do on breakdown, drop, breakdown, drop and then outro. Unless I have something special I do for a specific track.

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Rekord Cloud can create cue points fast and easy. Lost of options. Just pay for 1 month and then unsubscribe

Works very well.

With Mixed in Key you can add energy level to your tracks. I worked it out here:

I’d say a lot of Denon media player users go about setting their cue points in this manner as you have the beatgrid waveform/strip info right there on the display whilst active listening wearing headphones. Would be good to have/edit beatgrids with varying tempos features directly on the players and all synced back to EP


Yes. Both ways, hardware and software editing. The hardware possibilities are a bit behind, from what it could do. We really need more editing options also in hardware mode. Tag editing on the fly. And when you connect to Engine Prime, it should ask if you want to synchronize it. (Maybe with timestamps, so only the new editings will be synchronized) … when you beatgrid on Hardware, the time stamp will be saved, when you have edited. and if this timestamp is newer than the timestamp on your local library, it will be transfered to the unit where the time stamp is older. (with asking if you really want that.)


@DJDark @WallyDelux

I just got the latest version on Mixed in Key. I’m trying to get the cuepoints into Prime but I’m running still into some challenges. Cue points are not automatically detected in prime. Syncing cuepoints via tractor, serator or recordbox will overwrite my current manually set cuepoints in Prime.


What are you trying to achieve?

Even if Engine Prime supports MIK or vice versa, updating Hotcues will not be straight forward.

Any track that is already part of EP collection does not receive further HOTcues set else where except you over write it.

eg track 1 - you have 3 hot cues set in EP

you now went back to track 1 in serato to add 4 more cues

You can keep the 3 set or over write with 4 set in serato

you cant add 3 + 4

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