Audio is silent when scrubbing with jogwheel

As the title says, when scrubbing forward or backward, I do not hear audio. This happens randomly.

This happens with only one of my SC6000s. Has anyone else experienced this?

Here is the video.

This looks like it could be a grounding issue as the jog wheel is not consistently registering your touch (ie LED ring turning white).

Or some UV bar/unshielded speaker/etc closer to that side leaking EM and affecting the jogwheel. Switch positions of the SC players, switch power cables between them (we had cases of denon supplied cables without ground connection)…

I am going to look into this. I did not see it until you mentioned it.

What cables should I order? I am in the US.

Hey, so the cable is the cause? How did you determine that?

How do I check for this? Isn’t the 3rd prong on a cable supposed to be the ground? If not how would I test that and how do I test the grounding on the SC6000?

I switched the SC6000 Cable with the X1850 Cable and it seemed to have worked for about 15 minutes then it was doing the same thing.