Audible sound distortions if the key lock was turned on. Engine 3.0.0

After update I found a problem on the SC6000, there were audible sound distortions if the key lock was turned on.

This issue is present in Engine DJ for PC too.


Was the player analysing of creating the waveform at the time ?

no, this happens after the player has analyzed the track.

here is an example of sound distortion: Dropbox - 230302_046_st56.wav - Simplify your life

original track:


I rolled back the firmware version to 2.4 on one player and compared the sound between 3.0 and 2.4, as a result, I confirm that there are strong sound distortions if key lock is on, even with minor pitch changes. with version 2.4 there is no sound distortion.

On prime go after the update, this problem also reproduces


Does anyone else have problems with sound distortion after the update?


I have the same on SC Live 2. Wasted an hour recording a mix, only to hear this when checking recording on PC.


The same problem reproduced on Laptop with Engine, SC6000 & Prime GO with the same track. Seems to be happening with some rare tracks from my library. During pitch change with the key-lock on there is some kind of buzzing distorted sound appears.

Sample recorded on Prime Go


Same problem here on denon prime 2 , i have big Noice distorsion on any track when put on Key Lock =( it is a big big fail on 3.0.0 .

I just completed a 4hr gig on my Prime 2 on Friday night with version 3.0, key lock stays on permanently on my unit and I haven’t experienced any issues with sound.

What pitch settings are you using? I have mine on the traditional 8%.

this happens at any pitch value (for example 1%). if you have a beatport link try to listen to the track from the link above with key lock on and off.

I have several aiff tracks on which distortion is clearly audible.

Can you video it happening on the device and post that?

And I was asking which pitch range is being used on the player? Is it one of the low or higher values?

Are these fully analysed local tracks or from a streaming service?

Are you analysing them in engine desktop then exporting to a drive?

After the 3.0.0 update on my Prime 2 if the Key Lock is active you hear a loud noise that ruins everything =(, it’s very noticeable when you deactivate it depending on the songs the noise or distortion sounds more than another.

Before updating there was no distortion, I have the same USB with the same songs analyzed in the PC program for 4 months before and before no noise was heard and now if noise is heard, it is clearly heard

Can you film it happening then post the video so we can see/hear it.

As I said I’ve done a 4hr gig on 3.0 with my Prime 2 with no issues at all with sound quality.


My smartphone doesn’t record sound very well, but with headphones you can hear it. In any case, above in the post, the second comment, there is an example of what exactly happens to us.

all tracks analyzed, on pc. it happens with files and streaming. distortion appears regardless of the selected pitch range.

Here’s a video March 12, 2023 - YouTube


I’m not familiar with that track but it sounds like the key changing when you activate and de-activate to me? which wouldn’t be abnormal. Are there sounds that are not meant to be there?

In all the songs when pressing the key lock a distortion noise is heard

sound distortion like the bitcash effect. listen with headphones. something like a metallic overtone appears, I don’t know how to describe it better.

Is that not just the track adjusting to being pitched up or down or keylocked?

If you set the pitch fader at exactly 0 does it still do it?

Having the track pitched up or down then activating and deactivating key lock will cause the sound of the track to change.