Attention ! Pioneer promises heavy lol

Oh man, it’s mind-numbing over there for sure lol. Felt like I was in the movie IDIOCRACY every visit.

All ill say, watch Louie’s mix above, see actual results of using the mixer. It looks a fantastic addition to their lineup and far more interesting than yet another cookie cutter, over featured 4 channel ‘club standard’ DJM mixer. For example the DJM-A9 (yawn) that was put in amongst all those mixers at my local DJ store on Mojaxx latest video, and stood out like a sore thumb, but not for good reasons.

Hard to say how much is the result of a desired sonic signature and how much is utility, but using EQs instead of isos on the channels and going with 3rd order on the master iso does keep things more phase-aligned in the headphones and effects system than 4th order throughout, otherwise you end up with stuff slightly offset when you send just one band to the effects unit or you’re summing cue & prgm in the headphones. Without isos on the channels, they also had the option to potentially route the channel sends from before the channel tone controls… not something they’re using now, but would make it less a headache to deal with later. Then again, they’re targeting a market where it’s not uncommon for other rotary DJ mixers to have EQs on the channels and iso only on the master.

This is where I got fully addicted to independent channel isolators.

My local House venue, the Sugarshack in Middlesbrough, had that setup in the main booth. At one point Roger Sanchez, Morillo and Steve Lawler all had bi-monthly residencies where they played with guests. It was insane.

Yep, it was a beast (still is actually) and quickly became the go-to house mixer for lots of top joints. Channel summing is beautiful, like throwing two sticks of butter in a hot pan and watching them meld (or hear then rather).

I remember back then how smooth the mixes sounded, the Sugarshack was set in an old theatre too, so the acoustics were awesome.

I believe those channel isos on the 2016 expansion module are similar 2nd-order ones like on the MP2015 channels you also have.

Found it, this is a bunch of fliers from the venue… around 2001ish I would say. £10 to get in every Friday night. Middlesbrough is a proper industrial, working class town in the North East too, lots of unemployment etc, probably a bit like Philadelphia/Baltimore over there… so having this was insane, it rivalled any club in a major city.

Believe you’re right. That Condesa shared earlier is 2nd-order on channel isolators as well. Its master isolator is 4th-order.

Nice. A lot of the usual suspects we had in as guests at our main venue back in 90s/early2Ks.

Yeah and now it’s not sustainable having DJs that big at normal venues is it.

Some others I saw there that aren’t on those fliers:

Harry Choo Choo, Jose Nunez, Richard F, Derrick Carter, Junior Sanchez, Saeed and Palash, Yousef, Digweed, Tall Paul, Lisa Lashes, Xpress 2, Groove Armada, Jon Pleased Wimmin, Brandon Block , Carl Cox, Jon Carter.

Funny story about Oakey; We received his rider a couple weeks prior to having him as guest DJ for first time (mid-90s) and due to his physical stature (or lack of), it specified the exact height that the turntables needed to be from the floor to their platters, complete with diagram. So we had to build a wooden platform specially for him in order to achieve that specified height. No, not joking lol. We kept it stored in warehouse for several of his return visits during his heyday. Couple days before each visit we’d tell someone “Hey, go get the Oakey Riser™!” It also served us well for other height-challenged touring guest DJs we had through back then.

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Haha that’s class. And somewhat modest compared to riders these days.

The two Pauls, Oakenfold and Van Dyk, I believe were the only two big name DJs who ever wrote me back on MySpace.

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