Attention ! Pioneer promises heavy lol

Here is what we discover in France as an announcement from Pioneer Dj:

It’s pretentious! :thinking:

Undoubtedly a product to make people forget the poor XZ which could not really celebrate its 4 years, I would say more than 3 years!!! With these two big flaws: fake 4 decks and screen too small!

It will be necessary to expect a 4 decks, with streaming, Stems and rotating platters???

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yea something was posted on Reddit about new Pioneer gear, the RX3 is being discontinued in 2025, wonder why :thinking:

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DJM-A9 with Bluetooth and WiFi as the successor of the 900NXS2.

XDJ-XZ2 perhaps.

I’ve never looked on Pioneer Reddit before… seems that’s where everybody has to go to complain about their faulty gear, given it gets ‘removed’ from the official forum :rofl:

As for the device, I posted on Instagram that it will be about £1000 more than it should be, whatever it is. And I stand by that.

It looks more like a controller than a mixer to me (notice the join line on the left) but I could be wrong.

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A “new” product from pioneer ? I doubt it.

It’ll be an old product from puoneer, with a few controls moved around, a couple of limited edition colour casings…… just last decades model with a next decades price tag (again).


If it’s not, Pioneer have dropped the ball. The NXS2 is 7 years old this month. As cool as the V10 is, it’s a bit too much (price and features) for the majority of people.

I don’t think this is an XZ replacement. Think lower and less standalone. : )

Someone on Reddit found the names “DJM-A9” and “Opus Quad” - the latter could be a four-channel standalone device.

I really don’t get the hate here. Pioneer DJ makes some less desirable, but also some really cool DJ products. Same could be said about any major manufacturer.


Plus the DJM-2000 filter arrangement and settings sharing is stupid.

The price is my major issue, I was a DJ back when they essentially doubled prices overnight in the late 2000s. The CDJ1000mk3 was the last reasonably priced Pioneer item.

To put into context, a DJM-900 costs £800 more than a Mastersounds Radius 4 which is hand built to order in the U.K. by an absolute legend, from high end audio components.


This will always be an issue. People or venues will still pay, no matter the price.

I’m in the Apple iPhone ecosystem myself. Prices rise, I simply follow… Now, I do use an iPhone for more than 3 years, so that’s about €1 per day. However; It used to be €0,50 per day. :relieved:

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And let’s be honest Reese, an iPhone does far more and does it better than any pioneer DJ product:)

I’ll take that back actually because their Serato controllers and mixers have been epic. It’s their ‘club standard’ that is the rip off.


It was the global settings for the filters that ultimately made me send the V10 back, and return to my Xone:96. But, I had SC6000s back then, and now have 3000s for my main rig, so it’s possible that I could overlook that to have the quantized EFX, routing capabilities, and individual channel compressors that I felt were quite impressive!

I really hope this teaser is for the fabled A9 (successor to the NXS2), and that it adopts some of the better features of the V10, but in a smaller footprint. If nothing else than simply for the fact that I absolutely HATE playing on the NXS2, and it would be a welcomed change in the booths I typically find myself in.

PPD9000 has compressors, but the best way to do compressors or expanders is on the source digital gear that’s buffering the track:

Using special photoshop software I was able to de-blur the Pioneer Dj’s leaked image “Out of This World Landing Soon” 28 02 23.

*Here’s the before;

*Here’s the after… Looks like a four channel standalone with no screen, no effects, due to the chip shortage… lol

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This one looks promising:

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The DJM-Tour1 was pretty cool, but too expensive and I thought the screens were extraneous.

Yes (DJM-A9) looks good…

That MOBIUS effect is just so good! You can easily record it through Virtual Dj (for personal use) to be played back on any USB controller as a .mp3.

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Looks a bit like they have bolted on every single feature imaginable.

I personally prefer the relative simplicity of a rotary mixer with a good FX unit these days, but I’m sure it’ll have all the gear addicts frothing at the mouth.

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How may i ask did you get the effect as an MP3?

The channel faders on the picture of the new Pioneer mixer look really short.

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