Art-net interface

Here is an alternative for the USB to DMX interface. I have an Showtec NET-2/3 Pocket tested ok on my Prime players (SC6000, Prime 4, Prime Go).

This is in my case hooked up to a “Ubiquiti EdgeRouter PoE” that deliver PoE power to the interface.

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I have an Elation Enode 4 (4 universe node), I could try this one with my SC6000.That is a great idea :slight_smile:

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That s great news, So we can use this instead of the soundswitch cable?


Interesting… What control do you get over the dmx channels (IE does it work on engine lighting) I thought the artnet just “expanded” the suze of the universe to something like 32000 channels rather than 512

ArtNet gives You more universes over same line. Each universe is 512 channels. No dmx device can be addressed beyond 512 channels

Yeah sorry my bad. 32000 universes. Cant see how ut would connect to prime series and give control to dmx.

What are You talking about?

Yes, but you need a router to provide DHCP for your local network. I had to set the " Showtec NET-2/3 Pocket" interface IP-mode to DHCP. As this interface has two universes it fits the Soundswitch 2 universes support perfectly :slight_smile:

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Well, just tested with Elation E-Node 4 and it doesn’t work :frowning:

Sad to hear that it did not work.

Did you try to set an IP address / mask to match your local network? It does not work on art-net standard IP range 2.x.y.z I noticed and put my device on DHCP.

I did try couple of net masks and ip’s. But nothing. Or should I put a router in between the deck and the node?

Do you have full control over the engine lightning UI on the prime 4? I am going to try it on an rasberry Pi with OLA.

Got it working with OLA. But i think artnet only works with a visualizer software. There is no DMX registration on the Artnet node.

Got somebody else got it working?

Make sure you have shut down soundswitch on your computer if you are on the same network or it will be conflicting traffic from computer and prime player to the node.

I have a router between the deck and node.

I wander if a simple LAN switch also would be ok for this purpose…?

I think yes. Most simple switches have multicast enabled by default.

Managed switches and routers have multicast disabled by default and then you’d need to enable it specifically.

So I will check with a cheap’o 5 port tp-link from Action today :wink: Got it on hand anyway…

I presume it’s pretty much the same as Engine data exchange over the network.

I got it working!

There were 3 “problems”

  1. The dmx universe in OLA (raspberry pi) needs to be at 0.
  2. The enntec open dmx probably needs more volt then the ac could give. It works with an cheap lixada usb dmx dongle.
  3. I placed the raspberry pi in the home network. In the same ip range as the the rest of my devices.

Long story short, rasperry pi running OLA connected to my home network connected to a usb dmx dongle does the job! No delay or error’s for so far.

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