Anyone getting a Prime Go?

I’m moving towards a set up that’s good for outdoor events cause the market is good for me and cause it’s fun. I hope to purchase a whole system from scratch by march and I’ll be trading in most of my gear towards it.

The new set up looks so far to be,

Prime Go + Water proof case. 2x Soundboks speakers w/6 batteries + water proof covers. Goal Zero yeti 400 or a Jackery explorer 500

This is a self powered set up that can last for at least 12hrs straight and takes 4hrs on a generator to recharge while the equipment is still in use. The Prime Go and certain accessories will be plugged into the portable battery system.

I’m also revamping my current main setup by fall.

I think Denon did a good job with the PGo. Looking at it more it seems that it might of been originally designed to be a dual rack mount unit if you take away the top half and replace the mixer portion with the screen

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They should have made it rack mountable and made the batteries optional extras. It could then have attracted mobile jocks, some of whom want everything rack mountable for carrying around


I will be for track prep and mixing on the go. Will also have it in the car for every road trip.

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If they activated the built in bluetooth then the PGo would serve more purposes as most of these battery powered speakers work with BT. It could justify the price a little more. But the need is here for this type of unit and it is basically an sc5000 in a different shell that could do just a little more.

That’s probably why the pads are on top of the jogs. It’s hard to hit those buttons when the controller is pressing against your belly :grin:

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No. I won’t be getting the Go, Prime 2, or the Prime 4. P2 and P4 are too big. Go lacks split cue, standard rear mixer inputs, long pitch faders, 2nd USB drive port, and acceptable jog thickness such that I can’t see jog bending with vinyl on being very natural. Also, considering you have to use physical audio output connections since it doesn’t seem to have wifi output streaming, the battery seems sort of useless other than as an uninterrupted power supply. I’ll wait for an 18ish inch wide Prime 3 with 3-way horizontal switch above the middle fader for assigning the two decks, along with all the other stuff. They could make that Prime 3 as expensive as the Prime 4 and I’d still buy it.

I see what you’re saying about the prime 2/4. I wish that I could expand more with those.

As for the PGo, the battery can be replaced and maybe sometime in the future Denon could offer upgraded replacements that hold longer charge.

Short charge, long charge… makes no difference to me. You still have to have physical connections to the sound system which means you might as well hook up to AC, anyway, and without split cue it’s useless to me for private headphone-only practicing on a plane, train, or automobile. And that’s ignoring the other oversights for a moment.

Not necessarily so. If you look at some of the videos you will notice transmitters hooked up to the xlr outs. But obviously BT connections to speakers will set this unit apart

When I saw this cryptic message I wonder what’s going on but I never expected Prime GO. It’s a milestone and creates a lots of oppurtinities. I will be in the line to get one. I don’t care about sixchannels mixers or ■■■■■■’ industrystandard. I wanna create, make a diffeence and this unit will give me a lot of freedom to do just that!!!


“Rackmount” slobber slobber slobber :joy: :rofl:

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It’s an extremely clever move as other brands from in-music have rechargeable transmitters/receivers and rechargeable PA

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At first I was determined to order one. There’s one particular venue I work at where i’m always running a bit late as I come straight from my day job. It would be great to walk in, plug in XLR’s to the sound guy & have “instant music”, then worry about sorting power etc a bit later (plus you could disconnect power before the end of the night, to get out a little quicker). However, the more I look at the Prime Go, the more I find little compromises that would annoy the hell out of me.

  • I don’t believe there’s any mic EQ. I was hoping it may be buried in a sub menu, but from a NAMM interview i’ve seen with one of the Denon guys, I don’t think that’s the case.

  • I believe the metering shows main output only, plus it’s only 5 LED’s. It really needs metering that also shows the channel your monitoring & adjusting the gain on. This may not be an issue if they gave Engine prime full gain analysis of tracks.

  • No split cue. Not essential but would be nice to have.

  • I’m not convinced about running both decks on a 7" screen (I’ve got “old” eyes!). Bump the whole device up in size a bit, with a 10" screen. It would still be smaller than the Prime 2, but would allow space for Mic EQ, split cue & a standard channel EQ layout.

I seen there was a mention of the EQ on the mic, maybe it is burried in the on screen menu somewhere. Metering, maybe can be switched (channels vs master L+R)??

Regarding the Mic EQ, check this video. The URL should take you to the right time, but if it doesn’t work properly, scroll to 4:10

Yes, the meters are too short and are scaled weirdly. They could fix the lack of ch metering by just having them bump into channel mode when cues are selected and into master when they aren’t. Ch1 cue would cause left meter to be ch1. Ch2 would cause right meter to be ch2. The L and R meters would otherwise be the stereo side of the master. This can be fixed in firmware.

Split cue is essential if it’s being marketed for private headphone-only practicing on an airplane.

Screen size doesn’t bother me. I’m sure they’ll fit everything on it just fine for two channels.

What do they do, measure it?! Must be more EU garbage standards. EU and California go off the deep end with this nanny culture.

Here’s a simple idea for Mic EQ… Just use the channel EQ’s, but with the shift button pressed. Mic 1 on deck 1, & Mic 2 on deck 2.

I got one on order, I can “see the point” of the Prime go and have ordered it. The fact you can use it powered or battery only enhances the unit. I can Dj at the last minute keeping the unit handy in the back of the car and jump in on smaller gigs. Let alone taking a rechargeable speaker to a beach party or a pool party.

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It’s based on energy output. Internal batteries are limited to 100Watt Hours. External battery packs are limited to 160Watt Hours. If it is the same battery as the MPC Live, it will sit well below those limits. Also, no TSA agent is going to do the math on determining the watt hours. I personally flew more than a few times with my modded Digitakt modded to house a 175 Watt Hour battery with no issues.

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Ordered it 2 weeks ago. Price is good. (Prime2 is the size of a ddj/1000 so, not big) It is a nice choice. Don’t use usb sticks, use SD cards it is faster.

On the other hand, why Sounboks, it does not sound so much well.