Anyone getting a Prime Go?

The sound is acceptable. I was looking at the jbl partybox series at first and I think they are the best sounding bang for your buck mobile speakers but for real outdoor use the soundboks are as close to military grade as you can get. Other than Yorkvilles (which has no battery powered yet) I can’t think of anything else that can survive the wild.

Ok :+1:t3:. And Jbl partybox have big latency problems even connected by wire. I bought two of it and sold it a few days after.

BT is no option for DJ’s, unless you only plan on playing background music without any mixing. While BT is getting a bit better, delays are just too much for active DJ-ing.

Just my 3 cents as usual

I have, on occasion, used Fohhn (German brand) battery-powered speakers for outdoor. Great sound quality, plenty of power for their size. But you pay a hefty price for them. And clearly it’s not like you will be able to do a full-blown dance party with them.

If you are serious about playing outdoors a lot/primarily, 1000-1500 bucks should get you a professional 7KW generator in a soundproofed casing. Under 70dB running full power. Stick it at least 25-50 yards away (preferably around a corner or behind a car or something) and you should have plenty of almost endless power and just use regular gear. What you save on not buying battery-operated gear, will most likely pay for your generator.

Just my 3 cents as usual.

P.s. to answer the original question, I am seriously contemplating the Go. Backup, travel, imprompty/small gigs (those sunny afternoon last minute pool parties at a friends house :-)). The price is a tad prohibitive at this point in time though …

€550 - €650 tops :money_mouth_face:

Keep in mind that I have been doing outdoor parties for a while now. I do have the proper speakers and generator just for this purpose already. What I’m looking to do is to go more remote with less. Like bringing stuff on a canoe.

The BT option is good for a user of algoriddim’s djay on their iphone who can make playlists and then automix. Also outdoors headphones are enough for monitoring.

The soundboks carries something like 45ms latency when syncing to the other speakers wirelessly and add to that the BT latency from my phone to the host speaker so I know I won’t pulling of dmc mix, but if I decide to set it up for dj purposes then wires come out to plug from the mixer (prime Go maybe) to the speakers. Hope automix comes to the prime go :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh btw a lot of public parks (in Canada) don’t allow generators.

I can see how you don’t want to carry a 250lbs generator in a canoe LOL. I have to admit I have never DJ-ed in a canoe, although I did do a few gigs on canal cruises in Amsterdam :smiley:

As for BT and autoplay, that generally works well (enough) for the purpose. Mixing in your headphones is indeed another option. Good thing Denon DJ is one of the few remaining (controller) manufacturers that still has split cue on their controllers … except for the Go :frowning:

That was a good one lol. The canoes are for transport to hard to access areas. Maybe denon should of had some one prepping on a stick raft instead of a plane in their promo :rofl:

Still waiting for Prime Go… :face_with_monocle: hope it won’t be too long anymore.

I think this unit will be more popular if good features get added for it’s target market or the price decreases a bit. Right now an iPad and a controller with a smaller footprint can get the same job done.

I can’t wait to see one and play around with it.

iPad and controller doesnt have professional sound. Doesnt have quality inputs and outputs but iPad is way cheaper $ :laughing:

Too expensive for me and I would personally never use it in an environment where I would be using a mic or two lol (as it supports 2); I am sure someone would make use for both somewhere though. Perhaps it is a good back up unit to have at a gig.

Given the hit I have taken on my Prime decks and mixer, I will keep an eye out to see if I could pick one up used for much much cheaper but if none of y’all buy one, that won’t help me LOL.

yes! been having a lot of fun with it connected to my Sounboks speakers.


Well, that is mobile dj’ing :slight_smile: lol

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Amen to that :smiley:

As to the OP question … if it wasn’t for Covid-19 pretty much nullifying any income I expected to have …most likely I would have added it to the collection. Unfortunately (my wife thinks) the mortgage payments should get priority :stuck_out_tongue:

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What is more imprtant than new DJ-gear?:crazy_face: Well ok, a place to live is very important and it’s very nice to still have a wife! As for now you are doing the right choices! There will be better times! :+1:

Very nice​:wink:and congrats to your mobile set up. Could I 1up you by showing a similar set up from a zodiac type boat :joy:?

How do you like the soundboks?

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Im a fan of the New Soundboks. They have built in SKAA transmitter and receiver making it easy to witlessly connect the Prime Go to the speakers with a SKAA adapter. Its like a 15 second setup and party. Speakers sound awesome and are rugged almost water proof. Smartphone app controls the speakers witlessly. Best part is the battery is easily and quickly swapped out. Only down side is the price of 1 speaker is 1K.

Watched someone streaming on MixCloud from a national park in Canada using the Go. Since then I think I need one in my life :smiley:

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Just do it :fire: