Anxiously awaiting the 3.1 update

Hello Dj’s, hello developers, waiting anxiously for the next update and hoping that it comes with essential fixes and improvements, does anyone have information on a possible date?. Hugs.

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It’s just released when it’s ready - no countdown day timers, no hours until next update - it just happens when it’s ready

What would you like to see changed?

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Well as we’ve already seen it showcased on various Youtube channels, it’s probably pretty soon! : )

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Several things, improvement in the recovery of lost tracks, the possibility of being able to identify tracks by color (OS and desktop), samplers in the 4 channels, broader possibility of editing directly on the prime 4 screen, recovering lost songs in batch, in short, many features that have existed for a long time in various software.

God hear you!

This is a fact! Nor did he need to take the time to answer the obvious. Thanks.

Because honestly I’m discouraged, I spend hours and hours, days and more days, organizing my songs, in the software, everything seems to be wonderful, I do the synchronization to the internal drive and to an external SSD as a backup, when it ends, in my playlist collection on the desktop I have 200 tracks, the same playlist on the drives, 10, 20 tracks, that doesn’t happen after synchronization, several tracks are in red, I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, but I don’t think so, I drag all the tracks songs for my collection, I analyze them all, sync with the drive whenever I make any changes and click on sync, I am very discouraged with this system.

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@FREDERICO_ELIAS there are several feature request that support your improvements that you could lend your vote to if you have not done so already.


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Thank you for your message, yes, I’ve already voted for several.

I hope this lag issue gets addressed as it is becoming an issue, using the prepare folder to make playlist needs to be put in place and creating a playlist from the history needs to be brought back.


Admins : isn’t anti bump a useful feature


I am sure they are working on it. A huge major update has some potential flaws, which is not avoidable. Better to downgrade to the 2.X version to be more stable. But if we look at the time scale, engine updates do come very periodically. But no one knows it exactly. But the longer it takes, the more time the development and test team has to fix certain stuff.

There is a new video on the Denon channel. I think it features a newer version of the prime4.

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No, sorry… it’s for Dropbox info

Please wait… Lol

Yeah that must be the Prime 4 + seeing that it has Amazon Music option, good spot!

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We need stacked waveforms on sc6000, Better effects on Prime 4, better itunes sync on mac/pc in engine software, better beatjump on devices, without glitches…

Different colors for waveforms, font size in devices…

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Ah…. And intelligent pitch shifting, like in Ableton Live (for example if you apply +4 in key, the voice is pitched up by 4 semitones but without becoming a mouse voice… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

All things that can be voted on in the feature requests section.


This feature in pitch shifting is called “formant preservation” if anyone ends up requesting this :slight_smile: .