Analyze/Re-Analyze MIK track when auto analysis is off

hey all,

I am a MIK user and just watched this video:

what confuses me is: When i turn off auto analysis, and then drop the tracks into engine like shown in the video, engine prime and/or my sc6000 does not have a beatgrid info yet and therefore loading time is increased.

Is there a way to keep the MIK data like key, tempo etc but tell engine prime to just analyze the beat grid? Maybe there is a difference between re-analyze and analyze track?

I also have seen people here describing a workflow on how to use MIK -> Serato -> Engine (Does Engine prime support Mixed in Key app?) to even geht cue points as well, which would be fantastic but I still want to perpare tracks including having a beatgrid before loading it to my sc6000.

UPDATE: According to this post ( it only makes sense to import comments and Cue points, @denon can your devs confirm this?

The way described (think it was me that put it that way), you need to do Serato first and third, MIK in between, and Prime last, but it’ll overwrite the key, so then have to do MIK again and reimport track info. That’s if you want the cue points. If you just want beat grid and key, just whack through Prime first, open MIK and drag onto MIK from prime, reimport track info. All sorted as you want it to be.

thanks but why do serato as 1st and 3rd? I just did MIK incl. export cue points -> serator lite wihtout analysis -> prime . analyzed in prime to get waveform etc

what does re import do? instead of using its own value from database , importing the mp3 id tag?

I wish I knew, it was MIK that gave me this workflow; it’s something to do with the Serato cues not being able to be written in Aiff’s (actually if you’re using mp3s it doesn’t matter but I try to always use better quality files), perhaps it needs to create something in the file first?

Prime analysis overwrites the key field, so you need to do this after Prime if you want that key analysis.

Well i did some testing yesterday after i read this reddit post and came up with the following process descirbed here:

maybe this can help you improve/make it faster :slight_smile: