Does Engine prime support Mixed in Key app?

Hi all, I was wondering if mixed in key app is supported by engine prime. I am trying to export the cue points and energy levels to engine prime directly from mixed in key, but no luck. With serato dj pro I could do it. I could export the cue points and energy levels from mixed in key. Also try to export the cue point and energy level from serato to engine prime, but only the energy levels were exported, the cue points were not. Does anyone know how to make them? Thanks!!

I have Denon Dj prime 4!

No, no cue point import via MiK. Engine Prime doesn’t have an energy column in the software, but you can write energy rating to the comments. It does read the key info though but you must turn off Auto Analysis in the options before importing tracks otherwise it will use it’s own algorithm (which isn’t as accurate as MiK) to decide what the key of the track is.

You can import the cue points (or you used to be able to) but you have to push them through Serato first, then import the tracks out of Serato. Bit of a pain really

I now use Serato lite for this exact purpose and i find the workflow to be rather simple.

Prior to this i was using Traktor Pro 3 > Mixed in Key > Engine Prime which was very hit and miss for me, very frustrating.

I actually complained to the MIK developers not regarding the MIK software but their decision to close the forums [due to spamming etc] and they took the time to get back to me personally and asked me if there was anything ‘technical’ i wanted to ask - question was simple, when were they going to embrace the Denon EP ecosystem with MIK so that we only had to use this as part of our workflows and not have to rely on Serato etc, apparently it is something that they have been discussing, so you never know, it might happen in a future release that we will have full integration with Engine Prime, which would be nice.

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I got my workflow from MIK too, Chad is excellent with his customer service.

Exactly what I asked MIK too, but they told me it was no longer a top priority and I am very sorry to hear that. I have been doing the MIK-Serato-EP conversion for a year now and I can have preprogrammable Cue points on Prime 4. Still, it would be nice if MIK would surprise us in this.

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I do use Serato Lite for the same reason. I wish MiK would be supported directly by EP and the SC players. I don’t like to have the energy in the comments tho because I put my own stuff there and when I need use RegEx to find certain comments and keep the energy value in place when multi editing files… well it’s a pain in the ass. I usually write which cue point is safe for transitions so if I play a track which I haven’t played much, it’s very helpful to me to read at what cue point I should mix the track in and what cue point should let it go out.

hey can you describe your workflow? because serator lite is for free right?

I am struggeling with turning analysis off becuase then i wont see a waveform in engine, and my sc6000 has to re-analyze it before playing which increases loading time ? right? or am i missing something

Serato DJ is free to use for library management.

But you need to put to use the performance features ie 2/4 decks, mixer, sampler etc

You may want to try these steps, if you want to get your MIK data into Engine Prime

  1. Delete or Archive your current Engine database

  2. Analyse all tracks in MIK

  3. Download Serato DJ Pro for free, Install it.

  4. Add all those tracks that were analysed in MIk to serato

  5. Click on the analyses tab in serato, and uncheck analyse for KEY.

  6. Analyse all tracks in Serato.

  7. Exit Serato

  8. Add serato library to EP

  9. Analyse all tracks in EP

  10. It will redo the key

  11. Now see if you right click and select re-import track information, will the MIK keys be re-instated

  12. If that doesn’t work then you may need to use a conversion software.

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Thanks for your reply :wink:

From what i have gathered and tested you can skip step 5+6 and not analyze them at all in serato

The reason for this is:

You use MIK for meta-data wihtin the id3 tags like key etc and cue points. Then put it into serator just to have an interface to EP. When first loading the library from serato into EP, EP will use id3 tags like key, bpm etc. Right now all your tracks have a “not-analyzed” status for EP or EPs own database respectively.

BUT when you start analyzing tracks within EP it will write waveform information, bpm, key etc in their own Database and USE THIS DATA exclusively! Hence it wont even show id3 tags within EP anymore but the ifnormation stored in the databse.

Do use id3 tag information again you can then “re-import track information”.

What EP cannot and wont do at all is using MIK or serato waveform, bpm!

So here is what i have done and it worked so far:

  1. analyze tracks in MIK
  2. Add tracks to serato, no analyzation needed (Lite or pro doesnt matter) (dont get confused Lite only shows like 4 cue points but MIK added all it could find)
  3. Update serato library within EP and add tracks to EP Collection
  4. Analyze track in EP
  5. Re-import track information

If you see flaws or have even a smarter approach, please let me know :wink:

!!! If my understanding of EP workflows and processes is false, please let me know. I have this infomation from here, which seemed quite sophisticated: !!!

EP in 1.5 and newer will use Serato BPM and Beatgrid data (1.6) with “analysis” option.

Reanalyse will ignore serato bpm

And it’s cool that EP saves its own values in it’s database and that’s why re-import information can pull the original values from the ID tags again.

I wasn’t sure what information it will pull because serato stores bpm and key in the ID tags. So to be save I suggested analysis (bpm) in Serato so you can have that information as well.

Maybe the devs can shed some light on what re-import information does.

Glad that you’ve found a workaround.

PS re-import information stopped working a few versions ago. This suggests they have fixed it if it’s working for you.

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wow thakns very important information! so in general serato waveform analysis is considered better than EP right now?

as for the re-import: yes it seems to be fixed :slight_smile:

No. EP will not pull serato waveform. It will create its own.

It’s just the BPM and Beatgrid it pulls.

EP Bpm algorithm is super improved compared to what it was before.