AlphaTheta release new mixer!

4 channel rotary with 3 band ISO and a fancy meter.

Only £3249!

That much money, and they couldn’t even afford faders…


Would suggest keeping all Pioneer/AT related stuff including releases in the already existing sub-thread, otherwise the forums get too cluttered.

Attention ! Pioneer promises heavy lol - #375 by STU-C


I did consider tacking it on the end of an existing thread, but then it gets hidden, and the thread title doesn’t reflect the subject.

TBH, we let these topics live, but it has nothing to do with EngineDJ. All info is widely available on other channels. Are there even new InMusic hardware topics on AT fora??

This mixer is not for me. It seems to be “build by male engineers for the female DJ”, if I understand this commercial correctly. It’s a euphoric amount of money at €3799 nonetheless. Will there be a Japanese lettered version as well?

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A Radius 4v and Mastersounds FX unit is a much better option for the money imo. Then you can incorporate a £350 Reloop Flux if you want Serato/VDJ etc.

thats 3 separate things to connect no.

looks like a decent unit.

I did post it in General Area, News & Announcements. The description says “general DJ culture topics”.

What do you guys make of the info on the screen, with the separate “needles” for each channel, and the spectrum analyzer? Maybe inspiration for something on the Prime screens?

True. Good for those who don’t watch ALL other general channels and only look here.

It is, but 3 better things :slight_smile:

I quite like the look of this new mixer, but Pioneer/AT have definitely gone completely off the rails now.

I like it but I do not have a practical use for it and certainly at the price could not afford it but good luck to anyone buying it, looks decent.

What is that supposed to mean? :frowning: I appreciate your perspective, but as a female DJ myself, I find it disappointing when assumptions are made about equipment being designed specifically for one gender over another.


The price point is insane, but the mixer itself seems pretty nice.

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Nothing special, but AT seems to think so… I also find it hard to believe that the Japanese engineer can’t communicate in English.

All in all a very bad “commercial” which makes me never buy this product. They don’t “speak” to me at all. Unlike a Model1, UA or Rane variant which keeps me thinking.

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His “non English” adds to the mystique of how good it was designed, there’s still that Made in Japan mindset globally when it comes to electronics. That hasn’t been true in 30 years LOL

IMHO the marketing message to me was, “see it’s so good even girls can use it” which is even more tone deaf.

Im not sure its that deep, its just current to have a wider range of people involved in this sort of thing, people from different cultures, females in environments that are traditionally not frequented by them.

Good on them really.

Better in Japanese with Subs :wink:

Watching the new Shogun series btw.

I’ve watched it with subs, of course.


  • Yeah starting on Shogun soon. Just finished The Gentlemen. :wink:

Started that yesterday. Struggling a bit with it. Maybe it would pick up.