About vu meter?

It would be helpful if the support took a stand on this.

Is it planned: yes or no

Technically possible: yes or no

Then we can hope or bury hope right away :slight_smile:


It’s the most common behaviour in the requests. A few requests get the words [cannot implement] or [Will not implement] etc added to their title, but it’s not 100% of the requests, or 75%. Most get marked as [implemented] if they get, well, implemented.


This absolutely needs to happen. How can it have been out this long without this feature??


Oh there are plenty more…for example the cue buttons really ought to have been on the bottom! Because of this, you need 2 hands to press a cue and then start…and while doing that, risk of pausing the track since you are doing this over the jog wheel. Really never understood the rationale behind putting the pads on top.

Overall, Prime Go is a terrific machine, but had the Mixstream Pro came out in summer when I bought Prime Go, I may have gone for that instead…

Speaking of split cue, is one supposed to hear one deck in one ear on the headphones and the other deck in the other ear? I can only hear it in one ear in split mode…

What puzzles me, is that no one realized that this is post is not an actual feature request? All these ‘me too’ and ‘+1’…useless.

If you want to interact with the Denon team and get answers, report this as feature request and let people actually vote on this. Rambling about it here - sure we can do that, but I don’t think we will get Denon’s attention much

I like a good ramble :joy:

This is a quite old post, a request on the new “feature request voting system” has already been posted

I think the hardware doesn’t allow them to make something like is in mixstream pro, so at the beginning the project the circuit wrong not thinking at this option, so now they just never make available or they try to find a solution to put this on the main display, that is take lots of time because is a software redesign, otherwise is something non sense to ignore all of us for 2 years more…

I don’t think it’s possible to have a vu meter for each channel. Some things can be introduced via updates but I think this is a hardware issue and can’t be done.

Fortunately I sell it today my Prime Go. Still few small issues with Prime 4, I hope they will correct via update, so i should not be forced to sell also this one!

Sorry it didn’t work for you dude!

At least you’ve managed to find a buyer.
Hope the issues with the P4 sort themselves out. I love the P4 and if there’s anything I can do to help solve the issues your having DM me.