About vu meter?

so I notice that the vu meters only works on the master volume. is there a setting on the prime go software where you can switch that and use the music gain control volume? this way you can see the difference on the track volume for equal balance for mixing.


VU meters usually don’t precisely tell you actual loudness, but rather peaks… though with similarly-mixed/mastered tracks with comparable crest factor it’s useful for getting them similar loudness visually. You have to look at the bounce of a non-hold VU meter to get a better sense of the real loudness for varying tracks. Nonetheless, this is something InMusic will want to add to GO if they haven’t already…

Since it has channel cue buttons, the easiest way to deal with this would be to have the meter channel sides that don’t have cue activated to stay master and when the cue is selected for a side, it switches to just the single channel side of that cue. So deck 1 cue would cause deck one pre-fader left channel on the left meter while the right meter would be the right channel of the master, and vice versa.


This is the only downside about the Go. It would be perfect if not for this obvious flaw.


yup need to see the peaks


They could always change the GO meter from VU to FS scale… or FS plus 3dB between 0 and brick wall. The big issue is 18dB encompassed by the zero LED.

They should add it in software


Definitely should be added

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I came here just to look this up and after seeing this I had to make an account. Please guys this is a great device but this is an obvious oversight. Please implement this asap.


Maybe they can make an option to display the channel volume on the screen or switch places with the master LED lights.

this is a deal breaker for me

There’s always something

Yes I hope a firmware as well with cross fader disable can be added soon. I mix with the line fader

no input vu is a no go, especially for a unit that doesnt provide autogain.i dont need autogain. but i def.need vu metering for both line channels… maybe a small small vubar on the left and right side of display or switchable master led vu.


Plus 1 for this feature. It’s becoming ever so clear that when I’m mixing two different tracks that it can be hard to tell where I am in terms of gain for each channel even when using the split cue to listen to them both through the headphones.

Please add this denon.


Or they could make the current GO top meter LED equivalent to the second-to-top meter LED on the X1800/1850 instead of peak. That might work. Maybe when you hit the limiter, the meter could also go in reverse, as in light from the top-down with the bottom dark. That would be pretty useful.


  • 1 for this feature


I feel handicapped without this feature



ANY kind of visual indicator here is going to be a massive feature.


+1 for : cue metering visible in touchscreen or when CUE is pressed on + shift could change Master meters to Cue level ? thanks in advance Denon :sunglasses:


+1 ! For vu meter on screen and/or auto gain please!

Or just give option that the top physical meter can meter each channel would be best and master Vu meter on screen