About vu meter?

+1 for this feature

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Definitely +1

For me this is the only thing this unit is lacking, just hard to know sometimes even listening through headphones how soft or hard the song is going to come in when mixing especially as I play a lot of HipHop and mixing newer tracks with older tracks where the outputs are a lot lower. I’ve managed to work with it for now and trained my ears even harder but would make life a lot easier if we just have it added in.

+1 and yes I’ve liked it on other posts too which mention having this feature.


+1 please add it to the screen.

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Guys, latest update… nothing about channel vu-meters ! Hope will be next one,

What’s the number of that update/firmware?

Numark can have this feature but the prime go can’t. :rofl:


Adding functionality to a device isn’t always as simple as updating the firmware.

These devices have internal electronics, and if the unit has the feature when it ships, then clearly the internal design supports it.

If however the unit did not ship with that function, then maybe the internal electronics are not capable of providing that via a firmware update.

True but I do remember the unit didn’t have the feature to disable the cross fader. But a firmware fixed it. So I do think it might happened. Maybe :thinking:

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Come on Denon Dev Dudes…

Sort this out for the GO please.

Hello, Since i get back in the Denon world, this is a thing that i really don’t like with Denon: very poor communication. As customer we just ask for a status since many month: something like (Will be / Maybe (investigating in progress) / Not possible).

For now, i can’t believe that the dj team who has help to do this product gave a “ok” for a Output level Vu-Meter instead Cue level ! Basics thing in the DJ industry.



FWIW: At the moment, you cannot (yet) disable the crossfader on the Numark. That’s a plus for the GO then? :wink:

that’s so true. lets see who wins the race. numark on getting disable crossfader or Denon on getting vu meter! placing bets now. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


So, to understand that we will never have the vu-meters channel option on prime go ever? At least they can make a public announcement, so we stop to lose our time on this topic!

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That’s not been suggested anywhere

So, can GO users not be told whether this VU option will be coming to the unit in the next update?

Sorry, I have as much info as you, if features get or don’t get implemented.

Hello @Reese i can understand that you don’t have this information… but it’s not a normal situation that Denon team (or a person of the team who is in contact with the devs) don’t reply to this post who as been opened in April and have many requests like from customers.

This forum is supposed to be used like this, to make all products better. Once gain like i said in another post or FB Denon group, we don’t need the master Vu Outpout Meters in first view because the Prime Go is perfectly calibrated to give 0 db outpout signal when master knob is @ 0 and gain channel deck @ 11h (time clocking position) for most of the played actual tracks.

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Nice) dut denon bot supported?) Why?