ABleton Link and SC Live Series (Latency Issue)

Hi all,

I am trying to find out if there is a way around this so wanted to throw it out there!!

I have just grabbed Logic Pro for Ipad (Though this is the same for any application from what I can see) and am connecting to my SC Live 4 with Ableton Link (either WiFi or Dongle > Ethernet). When I sync up the tracks there is a couple of millisecond delay between the different audio signals. I guess that, because I am incoming via AUX, that this is latency introduced in the audio processing on the unit. My question is whether anyone has solved this themselves?

If there was a Cue on the Aux in it would assist (you could jog the playing track) or you could possibly set an offset value on the device (in software on the prime unit) but neither of those solutions are available…

So - does anyone have any other ideas? OR - is the issue still the same with the Mic input (I have not tried routing the audio to the mic input as I do not have an amp to boost the signal!)

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I use AKAI Force on AUX in on SC Live 4 and running ableton link via wifi, and I have no latency at all. Everything is on time. Maybe the USB-LAN dongle has some delay…?

Hmm - I wonder whether it is the Audio device on the ipad…

I have either an M Audio 192|4 or a Roland Go:Mixer

I als orun ocassionally Akai force via USB with Xone 96 (where mixer acts as a USB audio interface for Akai force) and then it is routed to AUX of the SC Live 4 or SC Live 4 is routed to Xone 96 (depends on the situation). Never skipped a beat…

Very odd - it’s really noticeable (Are you using Aux In?)

Yes, I use AUX in on the SC Live 4 always

check with 2 pairs of headphones? plug one into prime 4 and other into ipad audio device but in the same output that goes into Prime aux input (of course, you will some splitter to do that)

It does seem to be the unit being “slightly” slower it’s really odd… @NoiseRiser do you have a video demo of your set up with the beats matching (and your settings?)

I’ve had this since day one of Ableton Link being launched. It’s about a quarter of a turn to bring the jog wheel in-line with the audio.

I have a few milliseconds of delay and there’s no offset option on the Prime hardware. The culprit, I believe, is the iPad. The router could also be the issue but I’m sure it’s the iPad. I use it with Mixvibes Remixlive.

I’ve tried a laptop syncing Serato DJ to the Prime 4 and it seemed okay so assumed it was the iPad.

Not having an offset is a shame.

Agree that Cue and Offset would be excellent for the unit! Not sure if there is a feature request for it…

wanders to feature requests for a second

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One thing I’ll try is the USB/Ethernet adapter in the iPad and go straight into the Prime 4/Go. Maybe it will help but you’d need two as the SC Live doesn’t have one of those.

I’ll try and do it soon.

TBH - I have tried this - 2xUSB dongles BUT I get the same result… One thing yet to try is this same set up but with WIFI off…

UPDATE - Just tried with WIFI off and 2xUSB dongles - the result is the same sadly… Video to be available in a couple of minutes…

Feature request here:

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I can record it later today.

Did You tried to sync the SC Live 4 with a different device to check if the ipda is the cause of the lag?

TBH - I also tried MPC Live and that did not work (or my MAC!) trying to see if it is somehow my unit?!

Interesting. Keep us posted!

You could potentially delay/pre delay the audio signal from Logic on your Ipad to match the tempo of the SC Live.

Delay region playback in Logic Pro for Mac – Apple Support (UK).

I have been playing with the ipad settings and am struggling to make it work - the delay does not seem to make a difference over ableton link…

I might change the buffer size to see if that makes a difference (on Logic Pro!)


I’m not sure if building a slight offset is possible in Engine OS but the apps I use also don’t have an offset.

There is no way to adjust in any app which is a shame as I really want to use Link.

I just set a 500ms offset in logic and it’s not enough… (500 is the maximum…). It may be that the logic delay is not working fully

I just found that Novation Launchpad does have a time offset - 3ms does the trick!!!

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It does and liked the Launchpad app but I got into the Mixvibes app a little more so used that.

It’s a shame we can’t have this offset in Engine OS.

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