ABleton Link and SC Live Series (Latency Issue)

I agree - would be great if we could!! The offset would need to be on the master out and each channel (for cueing) but would really be handy for this scenario!

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Because the Audio is slightly behind on the input device the delay is not working (The Audio device does not want to add a “positive delay” vs the ableton link signal for some reason.)

I thought Novation Launchpad had it cracked but I was wrong when I tried again today!

The difference is really miniscule but really obvious!!

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Hey there @NoiseRiser could you record your SC and Force in sync? (And any settings!) this one has really got me stumped and I really want to be able to bring a looper into my sessions!

Hello @Pwnda, I am sorry to fail this so far, as I am running behind my schedule. I will do my best to film it on the weekend.

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:pray:! Thank you so much

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If there was a Cue on the Aux in it would assist (you could jog the playing track) or you could possibly set an offset value on the device (in software on the prime unit) but neither of those solutions are available…

CUE for AUX (SC Live 4) - Vote here:

Missing Aux-Cue is one of my few complaints about the (otherwise very solid) SC Live 4. Not being able to prelisten to a connected Akai MPC/Force, drum machine, or backup smartphone/tablet before turning up the volume is a big bummer. Would be nice to add a Cue button for Aux in the quick menu, or even better, an option similar to a “reverse Zone out” → route Aux to Ch1. Then we could also use EQs and filters.

Already voted! :smiley:

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@NoiseRiser and @MrWilks I have a question for you about your beatgridding process…

Could you both send/post a picture of a track with the grids as you would have them - like this… (I have a theory!)

I was curious how people grid things - I tend to start my grid at the start of the sound for the downbeat (which “could” put my audio slightly ahead of the ableton timing!)

UPDATE - I tried it just now BUT… I have to pull my grids forward (ahead of the transient) in order to get them synced!

I have my grids as the lower picture - there is where the sound starts. 99% of times engine grids my tracks exactly like that.

That’s why I prefer the RGB waveform style. I find it easier to spot the beginning of the sound when gridding.

Hopefully that’s still being considered at least for the desktop side of things.

I’m just flying back from Vancouver to the UK but I’ll be back here to check in and let you know.

Mostly it’s the start of the downbeat so it can be more like the first photo.

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Good day @MrWilks and all others,

it’s a difficult challenge to hit the proper downbeat / change of the cadence.

Tip from my side: Close your eyes, listen very carefully, be prepared to stop at the “proper moment”, then you will see, where the downbeat should be, adjust a little bit —> and drop anchor. Mostly the downbeats (red bar) next to the anchor (forward and bachward) will be set properly by the program, but often you have to amend the next downbeats by hand.

And mostly it differs between the tracks, where the cadence will change (white, green or blue or between). It will depend on, where the instruments or voices will come in or will be “forte”). Sometimes it’s confusing.

Good luck

Brgds BeatMaster

Hey there @BeatMaster - completely agree about feeling the downbeat (especially when working with a track that has some swing !) we are trying to see how we can integrate additional music hardware using ableton link.

From a beat matching perspective I tend to prefer an aural match with the cue over being waveform obsessed BUT… for link to work the waves need to be right.

I am also thinking about an alternative solution which would be to add a mixer post Denon unit to allow cueing - feels a bit counter intuitive but will/could be a short term work around…

Hello @Pwnda,

thanks for your prompt reply :grinning:

and you are soooooooooooo right:

Brgds BeatMaster