A few things I've noticed so far

All these issue are on the latest software / firmware of the prime 4

Issue 1. When loading tracks into the Prime 4 while connecting to your PC unless there in some sort of folder or added to a collection the Prime 4 will not pick them up at all. Even the Prime Engine software will not analyse them either unless in a collection. This is no issue on Serato at all.

Issue 2. When in the Prime 4 and you are wanting to look for a new tune to play at random and its say in a folder it doesnt show any of the details of the track like key or bpm only the track name. The only way is to hold your finger down on the track to get the details which sometimes aint there or you have to add it to a prepare list. This is kinda annoying to me because it stops me doing mixes and just adding random songs in like i would do when using my old DDJ SX.

Issue 3. BPM range. Like someone else as posted in this forums the BPM range you have 5 selections to chose from. But depending on what you choose some of your track will just be wrong BPM like 60 will be 120 and 70 will be 140. At 1st i really didnt notice untill i saw that post and checked so now im going to have to mess and see if i can sort it to my taste.

Issue 4. Sound FX. when playing a track and you try add some of the sound FX to it 9 outa 10 times it will either turn my tracks volume off or it will just stutter the track. Ive tried different things with it but it always ends up doing the same. Anyone else have this issue?.

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Hi @Ghastous,

Thanks for your message but as we’ve outlined, bugs need to broken out into separate topics. Combining multiple issues into a single thread makes it difficult to identify and investigate.

I’ve replied in line to your comments below.

I don’t fully understand what you are expecting here. When you put PRIME 4 into USB/controller mode the drive is mounted to your computer and can be accessed just like a USB thumb drive. From there you’ll use Engine Prime to add the music to the internal hard drive.

Serato DJ support is not yet available. This is coming later this year.

This is not a bug.

If you analyze your music first in Engine Prime. PRIME 4 will display all of the track metadata such as key, BPM, etc… in the library view.

This is not a bug.

As mentioned in numerous threads, we are working to improve our current BPM detection algorithm.

This is a feature request and already in progress on our side.

The only way sound will cut out if you press the PARAM button for Echo, Reverb, and Hallecho, that’s because that button is a “FREEZE” FX. It allows you to use the Wet/Dry to build up the effect and then press the PARAM button to freeze or hold the effect while muting the program audio. It’s useful when transitioning out of a track.

This is not a bug.

If you haven’t already you should visit: https://www.denondj.com/getting-started-with-prime-4 Lots of helpful info there to help you get more familiar with your product.

Moving to general PRIME 4 area and updating the topic to better reflect the post.

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So get told to put into bugs to get told move it lol yeh ok Denon whatever.

hmm I reviewed your posts and did not identify any bugs. Did you see my response above?

Not sure why you needed to inject the “whatever” comment. We’re here to help…

Just to add, no one asked you to move your post, I moved it to a more appropriate area.


Maybe because i didnt accually put them originally as bugs but issues with the prime 4 atm in a topic in the prime 4 secrion but a Denon staff member said post them in the bugs section so i do and get oh these aint bugs at all. These are just things that are annoying to the user. But to answer issue 2 look at the screenshot below for what im trying to explain. Ive selected the classic house folder for my next track but i would rather it show all the details instead of just the name so i have to add to either prepare list or load it up to find the bpm and key.

Yes, I answered this for you as well. When you look at tracks in a folder you only see the file name. If you want to see all the metadata you need to bring the music into Engine Prime and create a playlist or crate.

Here is a link to Engine Prime: https://www.denondj.com/engine-prime

Here is our PRIME 4 Getting Started landing page: https://www.denondj.com/getting-started-with-prime-4

You’ll find lots of helpful info there.

you might aswell delete this topic anyhow as ive already got 1 here in the prime 4 section

That folder is just like using file explorer on your PC/phone. Kinda like a way to navigate to a specific file.

coming from Serato where i had folders and it showed the whole data its kinda annoying to see it not there now so i have to search instead for a track or just load it on to check it suppose i might get used to it or i wont we shall see.

I know the feeling of “it doesn’t behave the same as my other thing”

But different doesn’t mean wrong or worse

Also with most things there’ll often be a whole load of things that new item does better than old item and some things that old item did better or at least different from new item

Rarely does anything show itself instantly as better in every respect and every situation - that’s life, that’s technology, that’s DJing

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Hang on. I thought this was supposed to be a standalone “DJ System”? Isn’t that how Denon are promoting the Prime 4?

As such, it should be capable of reading tag info in a file without needing to run the file through Engine Prime on a computer first!

You may not consider it a bug, but it’s a pretty stupid requirement for a “standalone” system.

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Ok. I’m in! lol Prime 4 was in front of me… I couldn’t resist. What I’VE noticed is on the main screen where you have all of your waveforms it’s VERY easy to grab the scroll when you’re trying to swipe a song to one of your left channels. I did it about 15 times last night at a gig. Otherwise…

FLAWLESS performance from the Prime 4!!! Used everything but the zone out.

The absolute ONLY thing (and I’ve voiced this already) - I wish Denon would’ve mimicked the pad layout of the SC5000. I know different doesn’t mean worse and I can get they probably wanted all other controller DJs to feel comfortable (and especially since it’s also a serato board) but I LOVE the layout of the SC5000s. To me for cue play (which I do a lot of) the playability of the pads from left to right is just WAY better. It’ll just be a slight train for my brain, but it’s a wish for maybe the future. Your design language for the SC5000 is just perfect to me Denon! Please consider keeping it for future models.

Saying that. I will say I really like the pad feel of the the pads on the Prime 4. They take a very light touch to engage which mean rapid taps are a joy!

But again. Everything else was awesome! Loved having two XLR for my mics and I LOVE the FX layout on the Prime 4! WAY WAY better than on the X1800! So that’s a plus!

And I am still hopeful for Pitch Play!

Either Way. Happy to see Denon on a roll here! Prime 4 gets a thumbs up from me!


Sure is standalone for performance.

No performance, of hardware, software, or DJs for that matter is gonna be much cop without preparation.

And preparation is what engine Prime does - but you only use engine Prime at home for the prepare part of making your show better, when you actually perform - and that performance is standalone.

There’s no point in anyone taking “standalone” as meaning “I’ve never even touched a computer ever in my life” :scream::grinning:

No one neeeeeeeeeeeeds the meta data but it’s a nice thing to have.

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lol There is no “requirement” to use Engine Prime. However, if you want to view all of your metatag data the files need to be analyzed. This is standard process for every DJ application on the planet. We have an advantage to other hardware products on the market as PRIME 4 can analyze on the fly so you really don’t need the computer at all. For the best experience, I would recommend running your collection through Engine Prime first.

Again this is a recommendation and not a requirement.

Oh for heaven’s sake…

You do not need to run files through engine prime, though if you want more advanced features you need to prep tracks beforehand, just like EVERY OTHER DJ SYSTEM.

Prime 4 is standalone in the same way the other standalone systems on the market are.

Geez, some people…


You nailed it

You can drop any playable track into the unit without first analysing. The unit will analyse the song on load, if you want it to be analysed before loading, you gotta run it through engine prime.

This is exactly the same as Pioneers XDJ/CDJ line, and presumingly Denons SC5000/M line too, which are all standalone units. The same happens using controllers, should you not analyse the tracks first, this will be done on load.

Music doesn’t come with the full track analysed for use on any DJ software, you gotta do that yourself or load the track and let the unit do its thing. :slightly_smiling_face:

Engine prime not installing on PC anymore. Yeh this is going great so far lol

Hi @Ghastous, could you be a little more specific as to what ‘not installing anymore’ means.

You only need to install the application once, unless there is an update to over right the previous version.

The more info you can give us, error messages, screen shots etc the better we’ll be able to assist.

Regards J

buy a mac :rofl: