A few things I've noticed so far

I’ve got a Mac but unfortunately it ain’t got the power my pc as .

As for the error it comes up with 0xfffffff7

Oh right, so when you said:

…you (Denon staff member) were giving out incorrect information. [sigh]

Even I understand what @JWiLL is trying to explain to you, but clearly you seem to be unwilling to do so.

English is not my native tongue, but try reading JWILL’s text again and emphasize on the word ALL…


No, all of the information I provided is correct.

Some people will deliberately ignore or twist information to perpetuate their own “stuck in my favourite loop all my life”

As predictable as hearing “Final countdown” on New Year’s Eve


Not even I who usaully can be quite harsh in my comments about the communication-level from Denon, can disagree with @JWiLL at this.

Its quite understand able how the machine works, even as standalone. Its not like you turn it on and ‘WOW - it has al music in the world’… You will have to transfer the music to the P4 in the correct way. You can take a USB stick and simply drag music on to that without Engine Prime, the P4 will analyze, but it will not have all the data that it would provide you with if you used Engine Prime.

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It will once we start rolling out streaming services (internet connection required) :wink:


Haha touché!!

@JWiLL - watch it… I will take you up on that when you comment on it like that :wink: I bet I can find tracks that it wont give me then either :joy: Some K-pop with russian sounds or something like that :rofl:

Dont make promisses you cant keep (Should be a Denon keyword after all) (kinda like a cardboardbox to a mcx controller that promisses some kind of lightning control :zipper_mouth_face:)

Like if I bought a car because they promisses me that it could float but couldnt at the time of purchase, and then 3 years after sent me a ‘upgrade-kit’ :

I tried to defend you Guys this time :joy:

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Does that control both fork and sheet lightning ?