4.0 kills Wi-Fi

@MikeC hi mate, It’s constantly connected to a power supply while running all tests, it has to be just to update the firmware whichever os I upgrade/downgrade to.

So far no amount of testing gets the wifi toggle button working after os 3.2 cv

I can post a video of the issue if you like, but there’s already a video of the same issue on here from someone else who had the same issue a while back.

Here’s 2x links to videos of people using the prime 4 on older versions with the same issue but it’s the same bug that’s affecting a few of us again including myself on the mixstream pro go.

So as you can see this is not a new bug but one that shows it’s head once in a while.

This is my mixstream pro go

Any news on this? Anybody looking into this?

Hi @Touchdown , @AndyC and whoever may be having this issue,

Despite our best efforts, we’re still having difficulties reproducing the issue. If you haven’t already reached out to customer support, please do so. They should have a few additional trouble shooting steps available to them that will hopefully help us get to the bottom of this.

Thanks for your patience and understanding with this issue.

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Thanks for your patience! I reached out to support and they commented that they’re still looking for LOG files to be submitted from Users. With that said, if you haven’t, please reach out to support exactly how @AIRVince suggested so we can gather more information.

Hi @Rob_Gaudet, yeah have done mate, raised a ticket explaining the situation, copied in a link to this thread so they can see/read what’s happening in more detail.

Got a reply to stay on 3.2 if I require the wifi function for now while they fully investigate.

They’re aware that’s it’s happening on different hardware as well so it’s just a case of waiting.

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@AIRVince & @Rob_Gaudet.

Been doing a bit of investigating trying to work out what’s going on, I believe this is more to do with the controller update than the os update so if anyone could nudge them into looking at that over the os update.

Reason being behind this is I vaguely remember my first pro go had a completely different controller version than out the box (sadly it had a blown left speaker so it was sent back & replaced) but it still wanted to update from 3.0 to 3.4 when I first turned it on & I’m sure it was running a different controller version ( or or something like that) compared to the pro go I have now.

Another strange one is it didn’t update the controller when it jumped from 3.0 to 3.4 & the wifi function still worked unlike my new one does from 3.2 to 3.3 or above.

So the os update must be able to work without a controller update included if so they’re must be a way of splitting the 2 updates & somehow getting only the os file to me so I can test this without the controller update? I’m willing to be the guinea pig, my pro go is still under warranty so if anything happens I’ll just send it in.

What functions did 3.3 bring over 3.2 to require a controller update?

Did the same controller update happen for anyone else?

Are there other pro go’s or pro + running on different controller versions?

Bluetooth was introduced in 3.4 & 4.0 brings more customisation but what exactly is the controller update bringing?

Got a picture here of a pro running 3.4 with a lower controller version than mine

Anyways just thought I’d try to give a little more insight & hopefully help get this sorted or maybe I’m just clutching at straws.

Hey @AndyC - It’s probably not the control surface. We also are continually updating other things that are not visible to users. The best way to help is to continue to support us by working with CS on this.

Customer Support should be reaching out to everyone who contacted them with this issue with a new version of EOS that has better logging capabilities.

To everyone else who has run into this issue, and has not yet reached out to CS - please do so by opening a support ticket here: Support | Engine DJ

No one has reached out to me, they’ve replied to the ticket I raised to say they’re aware but that’s all I’ve heard.