4.0 Freezing when renaming cues

Since the update , Engine is freezing a LOT , especially when renaming cues and exporting . I had some work on my playlists, spent 2 hours and had like 15 freezes. Had to close and restart the app every time !! Super annoying, anyone has the same issues ? Never had a problem before


Same problem after updating to 4.0.0, both on Mac and PC. I downgraded to 3.4.0 and everything was back to normal.

The same thing happens to me in the desktop software, especially when recording the cues after a period of inactivity, it seems very slow, also when I select several tracks and change the genre for example in all of them at once, it stays thinking much longer than it did with previous versions. W10 32gb ram I7 only used for collection and little else, I have almost nothing installed.

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Yes I have the same issue on my Windows 10 laptop. Especially the cue point renaming. Sometimes it is extremely slow, but frequently it is a full freeze and I need to kill the app. And as already mentioned, it becomes worse when Engine is open for a longer time. I will downgrade, as it is unworkable now.

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Yep, same thing here, it’s really bad. Also I’m finding that when I’m trying to edit the grid, I can use the cursor to fine tune the grid but the other option where it moves the grid a beat at a time does not work at all.

When editing loops sometimes it freezes for 4 or 5 minutes at a time. Not sure what’s going on!

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I noticed this myself in Engine Desktop 4.0. I was doing a load of cue work and had some freezes. Sometimes it came back, at least once I had to force close it and re-open.

Never had any freezes before in previous versions. Used on Windows 11.

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Has someone tried running it with task manager open to see what is taking up memory and GPU?

Ive just been using it on Mac for a couple of hours and not seen any issues, it was barely using 20% of the computer power whilst playing a track.

Do any of you have Office 365? is Teams open at the same time as the software? any other power hungry apps?

gooo to know i’m not the only one . This has nothing to do with PC configuration . It should be easy to fix for the devs … this is unacceptable for every profesionnal users … Otherwise I think 4.0 is pretty good . But please fix that Denon !

So why is it not happening to everybody then?

What’s your easy fix for the devs?

Running M2 Mac mini, latest macOS, no other apps running, never had this problem before.

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Same here was sorting out my file system in the software on windows 11. First noticed how slow it was to gather my musics folders from serato. Then it didn’t show them or only half. Had to close and reopen but seriously it’s gone right down hill since update. Seeing others here makes now see it’s software and not me.

No teams or office installed, quite a minimal PC. And cpu use was very low. I will keep task manager open and get a screenshot if it happens again.

I’ll do some more work on mine tonight and see how it performs, I’m M1 Mac running the latest Sonoma.

Is everyone running live Windows/Mac OS? Not any sort of public beta?

Hmm, is it worth a reboot maybe?

The only other suggestion I can make is if it’s added the new version to your computer rather than overwriting the old one.

It was freshly booted. Installed the normal way, overwriting old one.

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Hiyah! :raising_hand_woman:t2: :purple_heart:

I am having the same problem: frequent freezes. Sometimes I think the program has crashed …

I have installed Engine DJ 4.0 on a new laptop a few days ago, there is hardly any software on it:

  • Windows 11 Pro Version 23H2
  • Installed on ‎16/‎06/‎2024
  • OS build 22631.3737
  • Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22700.1009.0 …


  • Processor Intel(R) Core™ Ultra 9 185H 2.50 GHz
  • Installed RAM 32,0 GB (31,6 GB usable)

And currently Engine DJ is connected to the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070, not the integrated ARC graphics … and the only things connected to the laptop via USB are the Denon x1850 mixer and my external library SSD drive …

A situation where I encountered the freezes is when I have four tracks in the library view which I am analysing track by track, one track is playing and I hit the cog wheel icon for the settings :gear:. But it happens only sometimes, I cannot reproduce it consistently …

In the Task Manager actually hardly anything is happening on my system, but when I hit the icon and it freezes there is a spike in CPU usage from around 2% up to around 8.9% of the 11 to 12% CPU used by the entire system.

I hope that this info helps! :green_heart: :four_leaf_clover:



I’m having the same problem!

The recent time it froze, which has happened several times now like this and not before the 4.0 update, occurs when I want to change a hot cue (right-click on the hot cue). I can still work on my laptop, I’m writing this as ENGINE is just loading lol.

I’m on a MacBook Pro 2019 running Sonoma 14.5. I have tried the good old reboot and re-opened ENGINE and thankfully, stuff like new playlists are at least saved and for me it seems to be most of the time when I want to modify the hot cue (like change color, write on it, deleting it etc.).

First I thought it is some computer problem, but as this happens only when working on Engine that computer freezes, there must be something with the latest version, I believe.

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tambien con ese mismo problema en mi prime 4,debemos esperar una nueva actualizacion para eleiminar esos errores

Same problem here. The app stops working when i try to change cue color. Sometimes came back. Sometimes break the app. Denon staff, urgent repair this issue please.

EDIT: issue IS present in mac and Windows software. Versión 4.


I just received the following email from Alex at Denon support:

Thanks for reaching out to Engine DJ technical support!

“We have confirmed the behavior you and others have reported as a bug and are currently working on a fix. I can confirm the behavior is set to be resolved in the next version of Engine DJ. That being said, I’m afraid I do not have any ETA or timeline for when this will be corrected, but rest assured a fix is coming!”

So the fix should come with next update, but unclear exactly when🤷‍♂️…

Cheers, Shonas