3rd Party Mixers with SC6000

Curious to hear from others who are using a mixer other than 1800/1850 with their SC6000s.

I’m interested in the S11 for the FX and paddles amongst other things.

I’m interested in the V10 for the extra channels, compressors and sound quality.

For those using the S11 with SC6000 … • Does the mixer’s FX match the tempo of the track in stand alone? • Is there anything that doesn’t work well?

For those using 900nxs2 or V10 … • Can the single Lan port support the two decks of a single SC6000? • Do these mixer’s FX match the tempo of the track playing in stand alone? • Is there anything that doesn’t work well?

Hello @earganic Welcome to the forum.

As I am also interested in these mixers, I did some research, and I can share what I have found:

Cool way of adding FX - definitely like them.

As it goes for this, the V10 lost here for sound quality. What the EQ does with the frequencies when fully turned to minus - the tops and bass is not killed actually. You get a bumps on top and low, and a smiley readout in the middle - total garbage as it goes compared to Xone 92/96 EQ.

Yes - internal BPM counter in the Pioneer mixers is actually pretty accurate.

No - Denon decks don’t share data with Pioneer gear and vice versa - different protocols.

I have the x1850 but I’m also gonna get s7.

The advantage of the s7 is that it works for every software platform so if your buddies use serato/pioneer they can just plug in without upgrade kits or signing up to subscriptions plans.

I use a djm900 NXS. Tgebpm counter does fine in auto mode when playing DnB and techno. It goofs up every once in a while when playing top 40, but you can manually set the fx bpm.

There’s no advantage to using the ethernet port on the 900 with the Denons.

I use the S11 - Auto detect BPM works well with the 6000M/5000M.

Quite quick to calculate.

On the S11 side of things it doesn’t recall the Saved FX Banks without a computer connected.

Also the internal FX change to default after power up?

I haven’t seen any mixers that the fx unit don’t revert to default.

The denon mixer is a good choice to pair with a denon deck obviously but only one current denon mixer in the line?

The op is willing to spend the coin on the s11 which is probably 2.5x the cost of the x1850.

To the op

I think the x1850 is worth it if you want to go standalone with denon gear just because it’s the only one.

If you want to explore everything else that’s out there then check the s11.

There will be pros and cons to every thing no matter what.

In S11 You have 6 direct FX access buttons, that You can assign Your choice of FX. Like a self made FX list in X1800/1850. But after power off the list is revert back to default… as I understood…? @mufasa can You confirm this?

I don’t think they can because it’s too dynamic to program

I wanna know too

Thank you all for the replies, super helpful!

@Wyley1 are there benefits to the 1850 other than the auto bpm detect, color coding of the deck on the corresponding channel and two extra channels?

Send and returns are capable but not flagship type yet imo. And midi out is a little more than decent.

It’s basically the only mixer in the prime ecosystem designed for it’s ecosystem first.

Instead of buying the s11 maybe think about both the x1850+ the s7 instead?

Both will cost the same or less than a v11 or s11😁

Take your time and think about things. The sc6000 hid support with serato so does having a display on the s11 necessary?

The S11 actually has 12 FX buttons. The 6 on the right can be assigned to Hardware FX or Software FX.

In fact the 12 is customizable - you can have a combo of software and hardware fx in any combination irrespective of what’s written on the button.

I also have the S9 I haven’t used it in a while

The S11 reverts to default mode if you don’t have a laptop connected

The S9 remembers your FX set up ie if you rearrange the Fx list and the user parameters.

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No consideration for the MP2015?


Too many knobs :wink:

@subwax I have looked at the MP2015 and looks pretty sweet, especially for other analog studio gear (synths etc…). I’m in the market for something with a crossfader at the moment though.

@Wyley1 that is an interesting thought going with both the 1850 and an S7 as you are planning. I do like the screen on the S11 for other things besides the waveforms. Things like quick access to some deeper settings and touch FX is kinda neat. Also having all those dedicated hardware/software fx buttons and the smooth echo feature is pretty cool.

With the SC6000 I would be using both as stand alone and also at times with Serato. I might get both the 1850 and the S11 to test both out, and return one eventually. It’s a hard call because I do like the integration with the SC6000 (cue link, color coding, beat sync) on the 1850 but I feel like the FX are a bit dated. Also having played with a Rane One I really enjoyed the paddles.

Anyone know how the S11/S7 turntable preamps compare to the 1850?

Rane Seventy/Seventy Two are options as well. But no Auto BPM detect for standalone FX. You have to tap in all the time.

No smooth echo though.

The workflow is super different. I have the X1800 and S11.

I prefer having independent FX per channel for open format sets. What you gain in integration (color, connect) you loose in performance features.

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@mufasa if you were to keep only one would it be the S11 or 1800?

S11. All day!

Total kill EQ’s on Allen and Heath mixers are the best for mixing EDM :+1:

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I use a Allen Heath PX5. The BPM counting is very accurate (except for playing noisy breakcore or so, but even if it for example doesnt get that a “7/8 Venetian Snares” track is playing, the BPM fits quite well), the FX section is great, you do have a great HPF/LPF/BPF, FX Send can go into Internal External or both, and i was also searching for a great analog Mixer with all the advantages of that. Wouldn’t the last point exist i would have got a Denon X1850. As i see it, the beatmatching/BPM count capabilities of modern mixers shouln’t be your problem. What you have to think about is: Does a other mixers possible advantages over the Denon 1800/1850 count more than the obvious advantages of the Denon in combination with the Mediaplayers. The visual feedback, the BPM matched effects on the mixer, and so on. In my eyes these are strong arguments for a Denon. And besides that, and no offence to any user who might love their Pionees mixer: i for myself would never get a Pioneer Mixer. So less quality for so much money. Get a Denon, a A+H, or another of one of those many great mixers out there.