3 months of collecting important stuff i would wish for in Enigne DJ (on MIXSTREAM Pro unit)

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PS: sorry for posting in the wrong section - i tried for 20 minutes but failed. maybe someone can move it please, would appreciate that a lot.

I collected over months for my sweet numark mixtream pro. sweet machine. please hear my thoughts even if i cant providem them in the seperated manner. i thought a lot about this things and may help you improve the usability for everyone with this

What is the feature or ability you would like to have? let’s go:

  • light mode. i DJ a lot outside and build myself a nice solution. if anyone is interested - i can explain further. it’s about a PD powerbank, a PD USB trigger and and adapter - it works awesome. i used virtual DJ before which had a light mode - which TOTALLY changed visibility on a notebook outside. like a 80% increase.

  • a GOOD limiter on the tracks. i play DNB and with that some old tunes from the 90ies. on other DJ software is was able to “push the thin tracks to the wall” by knocking them on the channels limiter (worked best on NI traktor). with a good limiter (not a neutral one) you can push this old, thin tracks pretty easy to “at least” sound more massive then they do in their nature. that would help a lot to have a good versatile limiter on the tracks. i know it costs processing but its possible.

  • loopsize of 64 instead having 1/4 (so shifting the options to the longer side). because of “roll” i think the very small loop could be replaced by a nice 64 long one as a lot of tunes have a larger section that should be looped - for example to have long changing vocal phrases played out.

  • auto switch monitoring. would be a nice to have and a big helper. as soon you put over the crossfade for fully for some time - the monitoring could auto-switch so you don´t have to do that after every mix. seen and used on software a lot - easy implementation - big effect (as an option ofc).

  • rating tracks on the go. rating the tracks (in the track info-view) should be possible. so you can rate your stuff easy where you need to edit that.

  • better solution for syncing the PC and UNIT side when editing your library on the go (any cloud service). i posted my hustle here on this thread and talked to some ppl on discord servers, that have exactly the same “problem”. maybe a solution for this could be found. Sync via Engine DJ is a mistery? Please help out ...

-BUG: i found out that when connecting a USB sound interface on the usb port BEFORE booting the machine - it will not play any tune. if it gets connected later there is no problem. why do i even do this? i do stream from nature - outside with my mentioned battery-solution for the device and a notebook. i feed the little interface (behringer UCA 222) with the power of the mixtream pro even when not streaming on the go. so i need at least some power to keep the monitor port of that device goin if i wanna use it to connect a battery powered speaker.,

Is this feature for OS, Desktop software, or both? → on the device

How will this feature help you and others? → they will absolutely appreciate them

Is this feature available in an existing product? If so, what product? → idk

Does a workaround currently exist? → no.