ZOOM with Prime 4


Is there a way to connect the audio portion (preferably through USB) of the Prime 4 to the PC/Laptop to use in ZOOM or Twitch streams?

USB no. Analog cable yes.

which cables would you recommend?

The audio quality on zoom and other watch-me-dj type internet offerings is fairly poor, so you won’t need to worry about gold plated van dame (and certainly not monster lol) type cables. For internet stream out - just some “came with it in the box” or local supermarket ones will be more than adequate

What ends to have on the leads will depend on your computer inputs - rca cables on from the prime to whatever your computer has got - like maybe 3.5mm minijac would be quite common

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Get a sound card. Go from booth out to the rca input of the sound card, connect sound card to laptop via usb.

Select sound card as audio source in zoom.



awesome going to buy this!

With Serato and Windows I was able to pipe the Prime’s master output into other programs. There’s like 6 audio devices in computer mode IIRC, one is master and another is cue


Ive got this one. Booth out rca input usb to mac hooked up to OBS. Boom :sunglasses:

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I just installed Serato Pro, how did you get the Master out to the PC? was it through USB? i’m looking at the Audio options in Serato and they’re very limited to what you can do.

For me the sound input source Line 5/6 seems to match master. You can select it as a microphone in other apps. I’ve also used Voicemeeter banana to mix in a microphone attached to my computer before using the audio with zoom. I think anything that works in computer mode will work this way, so VirtualDJ or Miiix should probably work too


You can also go the other way and set Line 3/4 to your laptop’s output to play directly to the cue channel, or 1/2 or to play directly to master. Maybe this is just a windows thing though

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for some odd reason Line 3/4 and 5/6 weren’t working for me when I chose those options under input. I then remembered I had bought an RCA to 3.5mm Jack plugged into the back of prime 4 and into the line-in input on the back of my PC and then like magic sound came out of my computer surround sound speakers!!

Thanks to you bentpins, I found out that the Prime 4 is unlocked with Serrato Pro. I would’ve never downloaded Serrato and realized it came with the license for P4, if it wasn’t for your post.