Zoom in/out on waveform whilst performance library is enabled

Just updated to Engine 4.0 on SC6000. Overall, some great improvements in UI. I might be missing something really obvious here but can anyone advise on how i can zoom in and out on waveform whilst i have performance library enabled in view? The go to ‘Select/Zoom’ knob only moves up and down the performance library. ‘Shift’ key makes no difference either.

Any help appreciated

pinch your fingers on the touch screen?

@STU-C I thought i’d tried that but just had another bash and it does actually work! I’m running two layers on the deck and the pinch doesn’t seem to work unless your fingers are both within one layer or the other. Can’t pinch across both layers and that’s where i went wrong. Just a case of fat sausage fingers it would seem! Thanks for your help and speedy response.

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They’ve uploaded the new manual here, im going to have a read through to see if any other button sequence zooms it in and out. It says to pinch with your fingers on the first few pages but it might elaborate more further down.

Desktop and OS Downloads + Manuals | Engine DJ

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Yeah, you have to pinch just one of the waveforms or it won’t work.

If you have four waveforms on the screen at once then you have to be precise. Having just the one (if you have a player) then it’s really easy.

I’ve wanted a little improvement on this where you can pinch across all of the waveforms at once and still get a zoom.