Zoom function on waveforms & FX beat length

Hi, I’ve had a search through and can’t seem to find a post, or I’ve missed it. Also first post to a baby user of this beast :slight_smile:

Is there a way to zoom the main waveform out at all? I’ve now got it horizontally (so much nicer and what I’m used to) but I’ve recently moved from the original XDJ-RX to this utter beast (Why didn’t I do this a year ago!) but on the RX with the waveform scrolling along while playing, using the centre knob you can zoom in and out of the waveform, this was essential for me so mixing lengths of loops can go on for multiple minutes and was always able to get the loop perfect as was able to zoom out to guage it perfectly on ending the loop. Have I missed the way to do that on this beast or is it a possible future feature? Also, the FX beat length, is this correct it’s only 8 beats? Or can I up it to 16 beats like with the RX?

Many thanks for any replies :slight_smile:

Hi @irrelevant, welcome to the forum.

Did you try pinch with thumb and index finger on the touchscreen (like you do on a smartphone zooming photos)?

FX parameters can be changed.

My suggestion would also be: RTFM a bit. :relieved:

The zoom goes in but doesn’t go out enough, was just wondering if I missed something.

Haha yea I need to read more, I like to learn on the fly then read if I’m totally stuck, but couldn’t find any info on these 2 points.

With the FX I can’t go any higher than 8 beats but can drop it down to 4,2,1,3/4 etc etc.

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Showing the whole waveform is not possible, I think. Not in the main view.

FX is indeed maxed at 8. And goes down to 1/32.

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Thanks for your replies mate, appreciate it.

Hoping these things might be in a future update, missing being able to do seriously long loops with ease.

U said about loops? U can extend loops longer than the display shows by using the arrow keys on bottom right. The number display only goes to 64, but the loop length goes longer.

Yea I know about that part, I’m after the moving waveform to be able to zoom out a little more so I can see up to 32 bars ahead to time the loop to perfection like I could with my RX.

Yes strongly agree, would really like to have the ability to zoom out more! I would go even larger than 32, I would prefer the ability to zoom out 64+ to be able to build out large buildup drops sync’d easily with the double waveform.