Ya no pienso lo mismo

Ya no pienso lo mismo

I would suggest that if you’re feeling this way you should sell the unit and look to other brands offerings, like the XDJ-RX3. It will be the only way you will feel happy.


Does the XDJ-RX3 have a sampler and adjustable limiter though? (Can’t find in the manual).

Also, being disappointed that the Prime 2 is missing features from the Prime 4 (Serato and adjustable limiter threshold) doesn’t seem much different than buying an XDJ-700 and being disappointed it can’t do all the stuff that a CDJ-3000 can.


Hello, thanks for answering

If rx2 has an adjustable limiter it is called "attenuator master " as well as prime 4

I can use an Xdj 700 or cdj 3000 with Rekordbox free software with effects and licenses from Pioneer

That is my disappointment with denon and Engine dj for prime 2 does not offer quality software with effects and sampler … only paid virtual dj.The little service coverage towards prime 2 and they sell it as mobile dj equipment but they force you to use a notebook to have what other brands offer in their equipment.

Now all denon are working with Serato and it brings a free version is Serato lite is for everyone except prime 2…

Again sorry my english use translator

Attenuator is not a limiter. It is only a volume attenuation - it will decrease th whole signal (quiet will get even more quiet). Limiter on the other hand is an active element in audio chain that will not affect the signal below a certain threshold. So quiet parts will be still loud, and too loud parts will get limited.

Prime 2 has a fixed set limiter and no user adjusting is needed.

You missed the point of Denon Prime gear, as it is marketed as stand alone - not as a computer controller. Sampler, I wouldn’t complain about it, as it never came with a sampler, and was not marketed as having one. Worth to do a research before purchase. Always buy the device based on what it can actually do in the moment You want to buy, never assume what it maybe could do some day. If it goes for sensitivity of the jog wheels - always start the device without any foil or stickers or hands on the jog wheel. Device is calibrating the jog touch when starting. Nothing should touch it in that moment. Also important is proper grounding.

Data base corruption is when device is still writing to the database and you suddenly interrupt that process (Power cable out, or media removal). This can cause the issue with data base files.


It is not my intention to offend anyone with time.

Created it is not bad to make my dissatisfaction with the denon brand and engine dj for prime 2 known.

There is no offense from my side as well, just added my thoughts and a bit of clarification. You can express Your opinion as much as You like.

I give you the point of the limiter, I give you all the points.

But at least offer me free mixing software. Engine dj is not suitable for mixing with prime 2.

I was merely trying to offer him a logical route out of his Disappointment with Denon:) And that would be to buy the Rival brands products and be happy.


Engine dj is not a mixing software. You miss the concept of Prime series - no computer in the dj booth. Free mixing software? If You google it, You will find some for sure. Anyway Traktor is now on 50% sale. Give this a look. Prime 2 is made to be used without a computer. So why to add software and a computer to it?


I’m fairly certain that no standalone DJ system has an integrated sampler - not even the “industry standard” Pioneer. In fact they sell a separate product for DJs wanting a sampler, the DJS-1000.

The Prime series has the advantage of built in Ableton Link, so you can sync any of 5 Akai samplers, the Maschine+ or numerous software apps for samples.


I’m fairly certain you’re right.

8 coloured pads does not mean “has sampler hardware inside”

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Is it not just another in the long line of ‘DJ Software does this, so DJ hardware should also do this’ threads created on these forums.


The lack of SweepFX and Serato Pro support were my main reasons why I never bought the P2. While the P4 was always a bit too hefty for me when it comes to size, weight and (since 2021) also it’s price, especially in Europe. The more happy I was when they announced the SC Live 4 whichs shares the similar price and size with the Prime 2, with the bonus of the 4 channels, speakers and better layout on top of that. I sympathize with your frustration, but you should always do thorough research before acquiring new equipment.

The Prime series has the advantage of built in Ableton Link

This is a killer-feature indeed. Clever move by InMusic. And one of the major advantages over the competition, they have all critical brands in-house, sharing both hardware and software features. There is huge potential for even deeper cross-brand synergy effects. Engine Lighting based on SoundSwitch was the best positive surprise so far. But the mere fact of my SC Live 4, Mixstream Pro and Akai Force sharing the same 7" touchscreen is pretty intriguing (and convenient) too.


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