XLR to Phono (RCA) cable adator

Hi. I was thinking about doing some live mix streaming, and currently my Prime 4 is connected to my stereo amp via the unbalanced RCA output. I was wondering if it was possible to use the XLR booth output on the Prime 4 as the input for the stream so i can use the booth controls. But the only way i can connect to my other equipment is via RCA. so the question is Is it possible to use an adaptor cable from XLR to RCA?

Link to XLR to RCA Adaptor :

Kind regards DMDJ

Hello @DMDj,

Yes, it is possible. Just any xlr to rca will do just fine.

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I was just a bit worried about the balanced to unbalanced thing, og It would do and harm to equipment or sound.

I use the same cable setup. Works great.

Any difference in sound quality vs RCA or S/PIDF?

I haven’t used S/PIDF. For the purpose of livestreaming, I found no difference with RCA vs. XLR.

Now I dont have the Prime 4, but make sure that you still get your effects etc on the booth signal, if you want this to to be your stream-signal. :slight_smile: (Thats if you use the effects)

Otherwise I would simply connect my Booth to my speakers and the Mains/ Master out to my stream.

This way you also can turn down the booth (studio) volume, without inflicting the stream-volume.

If you have any questions, send me a PB - I can see that you are from Denmark like me :muscle:

Have fun :smiley: