X600 - input signal missing

Hello folks,

I have a problem with my X600 mixer. After several months of not using the device, all input signals are gone, on both channels. I tested this with gramophone, USB input from PC and also on CD input, Phono, USB and DVS. Any ideas what could happened? I also already upgraded my firmware to the newest one. Maybe there is an option to make the factor reset by myself?

Kind Regards, Hubert

Hello Hubert,

What is showing up on the mixer when You power it up?

It can be, that the input/output PCB is broken…?

Gramofon po angielsku: Turntable

Pozdrawiam Michal

Hello Michał,

Sure, Turntable :smile:

One update - digital input however works, but output doesn’t -> I see levels on channel/master indicator, but no output is audible. As you said, looks like somehow PCB output is broken and service is needed.

Thanks for the replay, Regards, Hubert