X1850 USB Audio Stutters

Hello everybody,

I’m using the build in USB Audio from my x1850 successfull on a Fedora Linux notebook since 1 year. Sometimes I need to record the Master Channel on 2 PC’s, so my desktop system needs to get connected to (running Windows 10). I tried this, by using the USB2 Port, setting up the drivers and everything worked for maybe 2 minutes. After this time, the sound recording sounds like the bitrate of the audio is wrong, keeps jumping and jittering. Running the setup on only 1 PC works. Has anybody an idea what I’m doing wrong?

You are doing nothing wrong: Two USB connections at the same time do not work reliably. I have tested it all through, I work in the IT industry and my job is to find errors, so I am pretty sure, this IS a problem of the mixer…

See my post here: Denon X1850 two USB connections at the same time do not work reliably