X1850 USB Audio Crackles / Stuttering

Hi there,

I just bought a new X1850 with 1.6 firmware. I connected each USB port to each of my 2 AKAI Force and set them up via USB 44.1KHz sample rate as an audio interface. Everything works and I can access all channels 1/2 - 9/10.

However, when I am playing audio it will occasionally crackle, drop out, or have a slight stutter via USB. This does not happen when using RCA cables. I tried changing the buffer size to many different settings but it didn’t change the random audio audio issues still occurred.

Is there a resolution for this issue? I don’t any issues with my Tascam Model 16 over USB and that runs far more channels simultaneously.

I think you should explain a bit better your setup, it’s not really clear (for me at least) how everything is connected (Akai to X1850, is there a laptop connected and to what hardware,…etc).

No laptop.

AKAI Force devices (2) are connected to the Denon X1850 via USB 1 and 2 respectively and connected as an audio interface. Listening with headphones on the mixer directly. There is no other hardware involved.

Ah, I must admit I completely forgot about that option with Akai. Also, X1850 is the audio interface for the Akai’s, not the other way around, that was confusing me also.

I think we have some other Akai Force users here so hopefully they will also chime in and assist you.

In the meantime, I would go the following route throught troubleshooting:

  1. Test with only one Akai connected, first on USB1 and then USB2 port on the X1850
  2. Make sure the X1850 is also set to 44.1khz and see if you switch it to mac or win (forgot how that setting is called, sorry) does it changes anything.
  3. Please read the following article because it is directly related to your issue: Akai MPC Forums - USB Class Compliance: For Discussion of Issues & Bugs : MPC X, MPC One, MPC Live & MPC Key 61 - Page 20 (“There has been a long-standing assumption that the clicks and pops we’re getting on recording or playback with the MPC USB class-compliant audio interface support has been related to buffer size settings on either the MPC or the audio interface.”)

Good luck :wink:

I also use akai force, but with Xone 96. No pops and clicks here… Are You using 32 channel mode? Or just single stereo?

I was considering the Xone 96, looks like a fantastic mixer. Can’t find them instock anywhere at the moment unfortunately.

I am using 32 channel mode in order to take advantage of all 4 mixer channels.

  1. I tested with just one AKAI Force connected on USB 1 and 2. The same issue occurs.
  2. The X1850 is set to 44.1khz, changing it to 48khz or 96khz prevents the AKAI Force from using it as an audio interface with an error.
  3. I have read the article, unfortunately I do not find any mention of the X1850 mixer.

I assumed since Denon and AKAI are the same company that there would be better compatibility here.

I see You are from USA, so I can’t help much. I have some contacts in EU where you could buy a NEW or used Xone 96. Unfortunately, I have no options to send to USA…

On Xone 96 You can use 8 stereo channels at the same time from Akai Force.

Fair assumption but no, inMusic doesn’t really have their brands integrated that much. From what I read on Akai forums (that and other threads) it’s a hit and miss what audio interface will work and what not. Honestly, I’m surprised they even made it work fully standalone.

But, are you losing something significant if you connect it analog way with RCA’s?

External mixing vs internal and extended amount of inputs and outputs vs 2/4 on the akai it self…?

Yes, I am missing out on what I consider a huge functionality of the AKAI Force; using all the available inputs digitally at anytime (inputs 1/2 - 7/8), great for cueing and live effects. The main reason I got a mixer with TWO USB ports (there are not many it seems, only DJ mixers like the high end Pioneer and Xone 96) in order to use two AKAI Force units via USB at once, to either seamlessly transitioning between tracks or mash ups etc since I am performing all original material using stems.

That’s why I would go for Xone 96 - you can share 8 channels, so You could have 4 independent channels for each unit.