X1850 Setup for OBS Livestreaming

It’s 2022, and I apologize for this very late query with regards to the X1850. I too am exploring the live streaming phenomenon. First off, here is the setup I have and it ‘seems’ to be working fine. Have made a recording on OBS, audio output sounds fine. No distortion. X1850 unbalanced RCA OUT connected to laptop through RCA ‘Y’ male to 3.5mm male into laptop microphone input. Selected the ‘External Mic’ option on OBS’s Audio Capture. Would I get better audio using 1850’s USBs ? Are the 1850 USB ports then OUTPUT or INPUT? Have read the “Broadcast” feature in the ADVANCED AUDIO menu of the 1850. What EXACTLY would that do? Although I am a firm believer in ‘if it works don’t fix it’, I am open to suggestions. Thank You so very much for putting up with these ‘newbie’ questions. I do appreciate your collective expertise!!

Yes, USB would have better quality.

The USB is both input and outputs.

Broadcast mode allows the outputs to be sent over USB 1/2 so that software like OBS that can’t see USB 9/10 can still work with the USB digital audio bit stream.

I appreciate your input. Will certainly give it a try.