X1850 Send No Longer Sending After Engine 2.2.0 update

Hi all, I updated my SC6000Ms to the latest Engine software 2.2.0 yesterday and now my X1850 mixer is not sending any output through the send channels. Very odd but then I guess there may be a compatibility problem? Am running version 1.5 on the mixer and hardware 1.3 but the downloads section of the Denon site is blank so no idea if there are later versions of hardware . Firstly anyone else noticed this and secondly anyone know if there are later updates for X1850 and where to find them please? Many thanks :pray:

Personally, I’m not sure what issue are you having.

X1850 does has send/return fx loop so, are you talking about your mixer not having any output on those 1/4" jacks? If that is the case, you will need to post how you have everthing set up and with what external fx unit connected to the fx loop of the mixer. I would recommend going first through the mixer and fx unit settings to make sure you did not change something inadvertently.

Update of the player has nothing to do with send/return on the mixer

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I too thought that should be the case @noiseriser however I have not changed any settings in the mixer so am perplexed as to why it is no longer working. I took the setup apart after my last set a week ago and put in storage box as usual then when I get it out this week I update the players to the latest firmware and the 1/4 inch send no longer works so am at a loss as to what has happened. I can only assume (if it isn’t a firmware compatibility problem between the player sand mixer that the mixer has broken as a result of being unplugged…

Thank you for your reply @SlayForMoney . INdeed I am talking about the 1/4 inch send and receive jacks. I have my SC6000Ms connected to my X1850 mixer by digital cables (one for each layer). I then have the digital out from my X1850 to OBS with mic included in the output which is connected to OBS for streaming. I then use the Booth out (which has no mic routed to it through the settings in the X1850), connected to my studio monitors. I then wanted to record out without mic. As the settings in the X1850 only let you choose whether to send mic to main output and Booth, I could not use the record out (which btw I think Denon should make an option). Therefore a while back I discovered that the send 1/4inch jack on the X1850 does not include mic in its signal and therefore I have been using that. The volume is a little low on that output but it can always be boosted in post production. This is until last week when I plugged in everything and updated the SC6000M players to the latest 2.2.0 Engine update. Now I get no output from the 1/4 send jacks. I have not changed any settings in the mixer and reading the manual I can’t find anywhere that I might have accidently switched off the send feature. As far as I can see it is always on and therefore I can’t for the life of me work out what is happening unless there is an incompatibility issue between the firmware version of the mixer (1.5) and the decks 2.2.0 or the mixer has packed up on the send output which just coincided with the upgrade…

I will assume you mean the digital RCA out labeled “digital out” and not one of the two USB ports that would also have enabled you to stream to OBS software on the laptop without the need for a separate audio interface.

That is not true.

Page 10 of the manual: Booth Receive: Select On to allow the microphone signal to be sent to the booth outputs and record outputs. Select Off to send the microphone signal to the master outputs only.

If you put it to “off” you will have a choice between balanced booth outputs and unbalanced record RCA as your outputs with no mic signal.

According to the manual the signal level of 1/4" send outputs can be adjusted in the audio settings of the mixer - FX Edit/FX Return

You need to have Send/Rtn selected as your bpm FX and FX channel assign knob must be set to master, that determines what is sent to send/return outputs.

Thanks @SlayForMoney for your time and answers in helping to try and solve my problems.

Essentially it seems like I have a defective X1850 mixer.

Either there is some problem with the hardware or with the software/ firmware.

I completely agree that the manual states that you should be able to switch off the sending of the microphone to the Record output as you pasted previously and I paste again here:

"Booth Receive: Select On to allow the microphone signal to be sent to the booth outputs and record outputs. Select Off to send the microphone signal to the master outputs only. "

However when I toggle this on and off it only impacts on the mic being sent to the booth and the record output still contains the microphone whichever way toggled. ( I think it might toggle to the master out too but as I use the master out with mic included for streaming that to Mixcloud for example I haven’t tested that. I assume that this is either an error in the firmware or the fact that I am on version 1.5 firmware when I understand 1.6 has been released although not available on the Denon DJ website for download.

Also note that I unplugged all other outputs during this testing and it made no difference to the record output which was the only one connected as it still contained the mic whether the setting was on or off.

With regards to the volume being a little low on the 1/4" Send outputs, the manual has a couple of adjustments written about this as follows:

FX Return: This is the unity level for the send outputs and receive inputs: -10dB–+10dB. You may need to adjust this setting based on the types of external effects you are using. Noise Level: This setting determines the level of noise when using the Noise Sweep FX: -20dB to +15dB. FX Limiter: Turn this setting On to limit the volume of the FX output so it is equal to the input from the channel. Select Off to apply no limiter to the FX.

I made changes to all of those settings whilst only the SEND output was connected (not booth or master or any other output) and changing the settings made no affect on the Send volume.

However, if you notice the good news here, is that by toggling the above settings on and off it seemed to have reenabled the Send Output. Now, I have no idea which setting it was although I believe it was the limiter setting because I moved the FX return values and the Noise values without it seemingly making any difference then switched the FX limiter on and off and powered the mixer off an back on and all of a sudden the Send Output was working again. Now when I toggle any of those settings again they make no difference to the Send, i.e. it doesn’t switch it on or off or adjust the output volume.

So in conclusion, whilst I should be able to switch off the mic on the record output according to the manual, adjusting the setting in the microphone menu to off for sending to booth and record, it only seems to stop it being sent to booth and whilst adjusting all settings in the FX menu I am uncertain what if anything has re-enabled that Send output. Essentially I think there is a firmware bug in my mixer as it is not behaving according to the manual or your helpful feedback SlayForMoney. Hopefully when I get my hands on the next update it will correct these minor bugs and the mixer will behave as I would expect it.

Thanks for all the help everyone, closing this as there is no expected behaviour that would make it a stand out solution for this problem apart from toggling your settings on and off in the FX panel and crossing your fingers.

When Using send/return Your dry/wet knob is also affecting the signal. Position of the effect assign knob has influence of what is sent to the SEND outputs. Check that.

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@DJ-AW Hi, glad to see your issue is resolved, it’s just a shame you cannot recreate the steps that fixed it. This way you can never be sure it was a setting and not a hardware/firmware fault that might come back.

About the mic send to booth/record outputs issue I think it’s most likely a change in the firmware that caused it by accident. Would be nice if other users could confirm it and a bug report could be filed here on the forum for Denon to fix it…someday.

I would like to be positive but I have a feeling that, with more and more component changes in Denon hardware to cope with supply issue, we might have even more such problems in the future.

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Thank you kindly @NoiseRiser and apologies for the delayed reply as I have been battling illness. You were right that this was why I was getting intermittent results on the FX send channel. I had incorrectly understand that the FX select knob was for selecting to which channel to apply the effect, which is correct however I had not understand that changing the FX select knob also impacted on the FX send output. This was why I didn’t have a consistent output on the FX send channel. It’s a shame as it effectively means I cannot use the FX send channel to record my mixes on because I often change the FX select knob, sometimes applying effects to the incoming track, to the outgoing track or to the master output, which would impact on what was being recorded. This all started because the manual says that urn off the microphone to the booth it also disables it from the record, however I now have confirmation from Denon that this is actually a mistake in the manual and you cannot switch off the microphone to the record channel. A great shame but at least we got there in the end. I will copy the Denon response in a new comment and close this thread but am hoping Denon will implement the ability to disable mic on the record channel in the future. Many thanks @NoiseRiser and best wishes.

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@SlayForMoney apologies for the delayed reply due to personal illness.

It turns out that @NoiseRiser was correct to point out that the FX select knob also impacts on what is sent from the FX Send channel which is why I was getting inconsistent output from the FX Send channel as I often change the FX Effects knob to apply effects to the incoming track, the outgoing track, or the master.

This all began because I was trying to record out of the X1850 without Mic and the manual says that if you disable the microphone send to booth it also disables it to record but Denon have now confirmed an error in the manual and this is not correct. I copy the Denon replay in the last comment as I close this thread. Thanks for all your input @SlayForMoney and best wishes.

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Response from Denon:

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your email. Please accept my sincerest apologies for the delay in correspondence.

We have been looking into this further on our side; trying to get access to an X1850 to test so we can confirm the below for you.

In summary, I can confirm that there is an error in the user manual. It has never been possible to remove the mics from the record output.

In terms of the 3 functions you require, the X1850 will not be able to provide all 3 natively. The way in which you’re currently using the mixer (i.e. Digital out to record OBS and Booth to record mix) is really the best way to do what you’re trying to, within the limitations of the mixers functionality. I understand you do not have another variable output available to you in this configuration.

In order to achieve the functionality you want; we would need to introduce another mixer/interface that has individual gain controls; which would allow us to split the signals and control the gains separately.

I hope this helps.

Should you have any further questions, concerns or require any additional information, please let me know.

Kind Regards, Billy Waller European Service Manager inMusic Europe Ltd

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An example of how not to write to a customer after 50 days. Seriously, if your customer service doesn’t have at hand the entire product line-up you might as well pack your things and lock the offices. :zipper_mouth_face:


Just to be fully transparent, it took them 18 days to reply to me. The rest of the delay in me reporting their reply here was down to my ill health. However, the response could have certainly been swifter and it was not the answer I was hoping for. Now need to log ‘toggling microphone on/off for recording output’ as a feature request and cross fingers.

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