X1850, sc6000 midi sync with boss RC500

Hi all. I’m using the above gear and want to loop my live percussion and have it all sync up. In the past I used my denon gear with loopy pro on my iPad , but I’m looking for an easier set up as that way was very complex. Can I just use usb out of mixer to the rc500. Or midi out into rc500. Is it that simple ? Thanks

I don’t think the mixer has usb midi clock.

I think it does over midi out, but I had variable succes. Once you use the jog to adjust speed, the midi clock is messed up. If you purely use sync however on a fixed BPM, this may work.

If only the RC500 had Ableton Link onboard…

Potentially you could still use Link but you’d have to use something like Link to MIDI | Alexandernaut as a bridge.

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I use link to midi with my rc505.

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Do You also run akai force?

I have been trying that. The app does see the RC500 , but the RC500 isnt changing its tempo. I have set the MIDI to UBS (im using the USB , not the Midi ports.

Nice. And it works well? tempo follows? I am not testing Link to Midi app and it sees my RC500 but the RC500 isnt syncing the tempo

No. I don’t know anything about that.

I was asking @Wyley1

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@Nubium so you’ve got the RC500 connected to your phone (or iPad) via USB?

I’ve just checked the RC500 manual. The USB connection isn’t for MIDI. Might be a good idea for you to read it.

Yes. USB. In the menu there are options for MIDI and USB is one of the options . I agree the manual doesn’t give much info.

And. The link to Midi App on my android phone shows it’s connected to the rc500

In what menu? There’s no USB MIDI option in the RC500 menu.

If you mean the menu in the app, then there may well be - but that won’t magically make the RC500 work if it doesn’t have the ability.

Probably the app is showing a connection due to it seeing there’s a device connected, that’s all. It’s just seeing the VID/PID.

On the RC500 , press menu , go to MIDI in there is Sync Clock. I select USB . I can’t upload a photo here

On this YouTube vid

At 2.21 he says the second way to use midi is using USB.

I don’t have one.

If you have an iOS device and a camera connection adapter for it then give the usb a try.

I have a midi interface for my iPad which runs link to midi and I plug it into the midi in on my loop station. I also use link to midi to send bpm to my x600 mixer fx unit.

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Ill try that, thanks

You guys are really making it difficult for yourselves :wink:

From the x1850 manual: “44. MIDI Start/Stop: Press this button to send a MIDI Start or MIDI Stop message out of the USB port or MIDI output (you can use the Utility menu to select one). The tempo will be that of the selection of the FX Channel Assign knob. If you change the selection of the FX Channel Assign knob, press and hold this button to send the new tempo.”

As I said, you can’t go changing the tempo when using this, but this is due to limitations in MIDI (it was never designed for live DJing), not in the x1850. So I really doubt you will get better results with a Ableton Link to MIDI converter of some sorts…

Thanks for your input. I’ll give it a try. The thing about Ableton Link is that I can change the tempo and all connected devices change. And it syncs the bars as well. Also, I could use my SClive 4 as well. The sclive 4 doesn’t have midi but does have Albleton link, so I could use that as well.