X1850 recording to iPhone

Hi everyone,

If I would like to record my sets from an x1850 straight to an iPhone which cable do I need? And what app do I need to have on my iPhone? Any recommendations?

I am very new to this field and therefore appreciate any support. Looking forward to your responses. Thanks.

Search the forum for “camera cable” to see some more info.

For instance:

The Evermix box works great with an iPhone. There’s a dedicated app which allows you to upload straight to Soundcloud and other socials. You also have the iRig 2, which is a less expensive option, but you need a TRRS cable (not sure if this works with iPhone, though)

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thanks for the info. evermixbox seems to be hard to get in the market at the moment. Is there any alternativ?

Yeah just buy the Apple cable in my post above. :relieved:

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Apple USB CAmera Adapter. THe one I use was $15, and has been used for countless hours now.


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Sounds like the cable Reese has recommended is the best option here.

As an iPhone user, he’ll know better.