X1850 Record-out.

Hi everybody,

I’ve received an EvermixBox4 in the mail today and was psyched to try it out. I notice my microphone is being send to the RECORD output of the X1850.

The manual states the following on page 10:

Record Outputs (RCA): Use standard RCA cables to connect these outputs to a recording interface, external mixer, or other device. Use the Utility menu to select whether or not the mix sent to these outputs will include the microphones’ audio signal (see Operation > Utility Menu > > Microphone).

on page 14 it tells me to disable BOOTH output for the mic:

Booth Receive: Select On to allow the microphone signal to be sent to the booth outputs and >record outputs. Select Off to send the microphone signal to the master outputs only.

I can’t hear the mic through my booth output but I can hear it on the record out. anyone know what i’m doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Still haven’t found a solution, the microphone still can’t be disabled on the record output.

Semi solution was running the mixer into a daw via usb and recording the individual channels. Would much rather record using the designated output though…(and without my mic being included)