X1850 parts

@JWiLL or other Denon Staff,

Where can I get spare parts (and prices) for the X1850 from?

I am looking to see if the price is right I want to purchase the knobs with the white ring on the base for my 1800.



How many rotaries are illuminated on the x1850 ?

None? The white ring is just a color of the knob base.

I suppose, with less laptops illuminating kit and ghostly pale faces in DJ booths around the world, a white paint circle around the knob bases is the way to go.

I really liked the X1700 illumination around eq with also channel input color coding, and Allen Xone DB4 eq knobs illumination (only the needle on the knob). Same was also on the American audio dj controllers VMS series (knob needle glow).

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The mk1 cdj-1000 didn’t even have a fully functioning digital output.

No one asked but you made a comment about nothing being changed about the cdj1000mk2 over the mk1 other than its jog ring look, which is incorrect… prior to you editing your post. The true digital out was just one of several actual substantial improvements.