X1850 Mixer Swap out knobs for Colored Knobs

Anyone swap out knobs on their X1850. Looking at Techtools Chroma Kit but it only has 4 Fatty knobs possibly for the Filter sweep only and a single mini knob for the encoder also 5 faders caps. I just bought the X1850 sit eunseen so not sure where the unit can be tricked out. Just looking yo add more color to the unit.

I searched the History and didnt see this topic! hahah

Coolorcaps is also an option with slight differences

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I did it this way on my P4.




You can change them. I found this picture here.

Cool, it has that older Ecler look :smiley:

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Sick. I Ordered the pack from Tech tool sbut it was only Fat knobs for the 4 Sweep, an encoder and 5 faders. I have the Ecler NUO 2 that I use at the local bar to save on space and I I am gonna trick that one out withe Supr Slims and fat knobs all should be here in 3 days. Ill post them up when im done with the trickery

Does look like the Ecler for darn sure - Nice color Blocking!

SUPER SICK, Thats whats UP. When im Done with the ECLER NUO2 it will probably look like one of those midi looking Arcade trigger boxes since the unit ismall and all the knobs are pretty close together. Im sure after i get the 1850 pack inna go ham on the unit and swap almost every knob out. Again thats a dope set up.