X1850 Headphone volume

Seems a bit low to me, I’ve got it almost fully up even when having my monitors at a low volume. Anybody else have trouble?

You can adjust the max volume in the settings

Check on the utility menu - headphones. There is a +- 10 attenuation. What level is it on?

If you are at 0 or higher, let us know what headphones you have?

High ohm headphones will sound much quieter in comparison to a pair of low ohm ones.

Thanks fellas. Much better at +10 now. It was on +3 db.

I’ve got an old set of Focal Spirit Professional.

102dB at 1mW

32 ohms

That should get plenty loud even at the default setting if the headphones aren’t defective and you’re using the mixer’s trim/gain and cuing system properly.

Be kind to your ears.

Also don’t be afraid of bouncing over zero on the meters, just stay out of the blue and give yourself the top white as a spot to go into for quiet, less cluttered tracks. First blue is the ‘oops’ LED to back off from when you notice it lighting with no harm done. The middle of your average ‘loud’ bounce should be around that zero… troughs below the zero and peaks over it.

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