X1850 Fader Issue

Seems pushing my fader to the max the audo cuts out. Also wiggling it around up there or touching it in any way, audio goes in and out. This only happens on channel 1. I’m guessing this is bad, right? What are my options here? I’m pretty devastated, never had anything this expensive break :sob:


Get the fader replaced.


I have the same Problem since Yesterday on 2 Faders :pleading_face:

Terrible really.

Mine has been in with the service department for over a week now hasn’t even been looked at yet. With these issues quickly arising with Denon’s products I’m started to think I should of just bought Pioneer and not Denon it’s hardware problems like this that make them THE INDUSTRY STANDARD and Denon just pretenders really.

My mixer was delivered to Denon a week ago today no update and I’ve tried reaching out 3 times now no response… :roll_eyes:

Been told 6/8 weeks today for replacement parts. I’m guessing I’ll be sitting here late December early January without a mixer I’ve just paid £1K for.

Dis you send yours back to Inmusic Europe in the U.K.? Keep me posted what they say.

Mine is in Nevada, USA… I really really hope they don’t come back to me with an estimate like that. Absurd man, sorry! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Sadly nowadays Pioneer also suffers from a lot of quality issues - they don’t have the same quality of the ‘DJM800’ years anymore.

My friend down the street from me bought the V10 and had to send it for repairs 4 months later at least my X1850 lasted 12 months but should still be way better especially for just sitting in my living room NOT a club — how do these things last one week at a venue!?

It depends, some last ‘forever’, some fail after a short time. In official foruns we always see tons of problems (even on Pionner ‘censored’ forum), but that’s normal, as rarely someone will create a topic to show they don’t have issues at all :grinning: :rofl:

This is my third Denon:

  1. MCX8000 was always super glitchy right out of the box eventually had to return and exchange for a…

  2. Prime 4 which had knobs failing at just about the 12-month mark at which point I sold it and bought my…

  3. X1850 + 2x SC6000 which now is unusable because the mixer is in for fader repair at just about the 12-month mark.

I’m 0-3 here and this is not a good track record compared to ANY other technology I’ve ever owned…

I just heard a tremendous noise outside and I’m pleased to say my X1850 is back already just 2 weeks and 6 days since dropping it off at FedEx I’m very surprised! Will report back once I have time to test.

Update… they literally sent me a brand new mixer :scream: wow now THAT is service! Very happy :heart: thank you Denon team!


Hey mate. Same problem here. Faders 1 and 3 suffer volume drops at full extension. Denon have agreed as well after I sent them videos of the issue and now it’s got to go for repair. Not great after only 11 months tbh, and a bit worrying that this seems to be a common problem based on the replies here :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m a little concerned myself that this will just keep happening — hoping that’s not the case!

I have had 5 of the X1850 mixers 3 new and 2 replacements and I have had exactly the same issues with fader 3 and always fader 3. I email Denon and always get treated like I’m stupid and always told “we’ve never really had many issues with the mixer” but online says a totally different story. Denon rushed the release to keep up with the cdj3000, I was told this by Denon at BPM just before release. the mixer needs to be updated or completely revamped. Its a nightmare.

I have had to send my x1850 back twice for fader related issues the first time it happend was during covid and Denon could not replace it due to none being available, the latest issue happend during my set last night where the audio just cut out randomly on channel 3 for no reason and channel 1 fader when pressed to full the audio drops. I have several denon pieces of gear and they have/are all working fine the biggest let down is the mixer, I like the mixer (when it works) but every other month it is having some kind of issue I am tempted to buy a new one as my current mixer is now out of warranty and it is time consuming having to go through my insurance. It is disappointing as it creates and edginess as I can’t have confidence the mixer will perform, I purchased my mixer in 2020 so it shouldn’t be having so many issues in such a short time, if Denon wants to be used in more venues they need to address the QC issues especially with the x1850

That’s 36 months ago, and your story says you have an issue every other month… so you’ve had 18 issues? What were the 16 issues you haven’t mentioned (yet) ?

It’s a figure of speech. A brand new product that has had re-occurring issues of a similar nature is a concern and reflects an issue with quality control and the build quality of the product, the overriding issue is not being able to have confidence the product will perform properly consistently. So the mixer will go back to Denon to be repaired. I hope when Denon make an updated mixer it is of a better build.

As OP I figured I owe an update. Approaching 2 years now on the replacement X1850 I was sent. So far the issue hasn’t returned but I will update if it ever does.