X1850 EQ High/Low Cross Over Frequency settings

I am wondering if it is worth to change the EQ High/Low crossover frequency or if it is already in the perfect place. Until now I did not care about it but it would be great to know what you guys think on it or if you did any adjustments, maybe depending on the style/genre of music you are playing.

If I will find the time I will try to compare it with TRAKTOR tomorrow. I have currently the impression that transitions with TRAKTOR are sounding much smoother but can not confirm it right now.


I adjusted the settings now to have it more TRAKTOR (Z ISO) like.

High Cross Over : Default 2200 Hz to 3200 Hz
Low Cross Over: Default 220 Hz to 320 Hz

Not sure if it makes sense but I will play with it around :slight_smile:

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Is it advisable to change these parameters if I’ve an echo in my room? What are the recommended values?

There are no “recommended” values for eq crossover points. Changing them has no effect on the echo in your room.

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I tried this and I think it transforms the mixer for me

Only effects the iso. Put them wherever you want.

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