X1850 display issues AGAIN

Had the display replaced under warranty and it has gone again. I’ll send it for a fix but likely 2 months again due to living remotely, annoying to say the least, anyone else having this issue?

Both X1800 and X1850 have been in production for x years already, there is plenty of topics discussing the screen issues, just need to use search.

One post that would bw the most useful to you would probably be this one:

Thanks a lot for that!

Thanks and I do know how to search, I want the thing fixed properly under warranty not having to order a screen and do it myself. It’s annoying.

Mine is being replaced with a new mixer.

They advised that the part that they’ve used to replace yours used to be compatible with the X1850 and other Denon mixers. There was some changes made to said part which unfortunately has caused an issue with it’s function in the X1850, it’s no longer a suitable match. The supplier wasn’t aware of this until recently, so they used the part thinking that it would work for the long run.