X1850 - Channel Trim knobs not calibrated properly

Brand new from Guitar Center. Just realized that channels 1 and 4 have much different baseline gain levels with channel 1 being slightly high, and channel 4 being drastically low (almost unusable in most situations)

I loaded the same 1 bar loop to each of the 4 channels and beatmatched them all, and then set the Trim knobs to 12 noon. All FX/sweeps were disabled and EQ pots were zeroed as well.

Do i need to ship this back? It sounds like Denon are up to their eyeballs in support requests / trying to get existing orders out the door and i’d rather not have to box this back up if I don’t have to.

I’m not sure what you’ve read between the lines to jump to that conclusion.

But, assuming that you haven’t changed any of the settings in the menu on the mixer, I’d suggest that you contact the place you bought it from and arrange a replacement, as this sounds like a “spotted on day 1” type of thing

Did You tried to reset defaults on the mixer?

Or the latest firmware?

If nothing helps, go back to the retailer and let it replaced.

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Sorry, i didn’t mean it in a derogatory way - just stating it objectively via what i’ve seen around these forums with delays shipping units, the dev team likely full-bore on getting v1.6 shipped, and seeing problems with units reported around other sites. Also I opened a support ticket on the official support page a week ago and haven’t received any communication on that either.

Unit is latest firmware already, but i’ll try to reset defaults. Thanks everyone!!

Try using a continuous test tone instead of music. What happens to the metered levels if you turn the trim-gains all the way up and adjust the tone knobs all downward the same amount?

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Pink noise and grey noise (plus more) can be downloaded from www.audiocheck.net if you need them.