X1850 Bugs and Requests

Hi Denon DJ Community, Just a month ago I bought the SC6000’s players and the X1850 mixer, and as I know that the Denon team is very mindful about the community feedback, I wanted to report some of the problems I’ve encountered until now, at the latest official update, and also share some requests for the future.

In this topic I’m going to argue mainly about the X1850 mixer because I think is the product that needs most changes (at least for some bug fixes) as soon as possible.

Software Problems

  • Updating to the latest version the mixer bugged into an infinite lights loading even when restarted
  • Using the gate effect the mixer would follow a random pattern
  • Using the reverb and increasing the depth of the “FX Amount” and the “FX Time / Parameter” the mixer would increase the master audio (by almost blowing up my speakers and my ears) or cut the audio completely from one of the two channel on the master (right or left) or even the two together.

Hardware Problems

  • The volume faders have different resistance one from the other
  • The filter, EQ and “Sweep FX” knobs have different tension one from the other

As for the software problems I saw that others had similar ones and even others that I never encountered, at least for now. I know that some of this occurred also in the first iteration of the mixer, the X1800, and I personally think that is something that need a fix right now. The first thing of an instrument is that it needs to be solid as a rock, I also know that by innovating is not always so simple to keep everything working perfectly, but those are noticeable problems that damage the reliability of the mixer, and by the same time, the name of the Prime series.

The hardware problems on the other side are really minor, the mixer is really solid, and I had to be really picky to find that some knobs had different tension, and that might just be my mixer, but instead on the first volume fader is very noticeable that the resistance is much higher that from the others.

Software Requests

  • Modifying the EQ on the mixer could change the waveform on the player (only if connected via link)
  • Modifying the FX and the parameters on the mixer could be shown on the player (only if connected via link)
  • The reverb effect could be redesigned on the “FX Amount”
  • The reverb effect could be post “BPM FX On/Off” Switch
  • The delay effect could have a “Feedback” parameter
  • The mixer could have more tones for some FX
  • The mixer could have a similar type of “Spiral” FX

Hardware Requests

  • The lights colors could be more personalizable (for example choosing between the “Denon” volume meter colors and the classic green, orange, red)
  • The knobs of the “Filter” and “Sweep FX” could be redesigned into a bigger and metal design (personal preference)
  • The screen could become a glass touchscreen like the one on the players (but smaller) integrating the touchstrip function and a new interface
  • The mixer could have more “Sweep FX” (like a reverb designed to create tension, removing frequency by a low or high cut and adding decay as incremented)
  • The mixer could have more knobs for the FX control (like “Size/Feedback/Decay” and “Tone”)

As for the software requests, I think that could be all integrated in a future update, but some of the things I pointed out need a little bit more explanation. “Modifying the EQ on the mixer could change the waveform on the player” means a similar feature like the one found on Virtual DJ, where the intensity of the waveform colors bands changes as the EQ bands are incremented or diminished. When I say that the reverb effect could be redesigned on the “FX Amount” I mean that when passing the 12 o’clock the sound starts to become very thin (like a bandpass is applied) and going back to the dry signal feels really unnatural, this is the complete opposite of what a reverb should sound to me. The fact that when disabled from the “BPM FX On/Off” switch, it completely turns off without some decay (that could be adjusted trough the “Size/Feedback/Decay” knob I mentioned before in future iteration of the mixer) adds a lot to that unnatural feel.

If the software requests are function that can be applied trough an update, the hardware request are meant to be implemented into a future mixer. The hardware where it is right now is good, the build and audio quality are on point, but the mixer doesn’t shine through like the players do. I want to have a more technological advanced mixer with seamless integration with engine OS and the players, with a unique interface, high quality effects that can be modulated in a more advanced way, and maybe a new design.

My final conclusions are that the potential is there, I think that the most exciting feature of the mixer is that the FX section can constantly receive update to implement/correct effects, but I’d like to see the Denon team work on the mixer as much they are working on the players, not only on fixes, but also to make one unique console that can’t be compared to anything else just because it is on another level. With that said I hope that this will open a conversation about the X1850, but also help the Denon team to develop better and better update and mixers!

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The prime they have a pre-laid out form for requests , and a different laid out form for what some people think of as bugs or “different from other things I’ve played with”

Both forms are for one request or one error/query only, so from your lists above, you’ll need to fill in about a dozen forms - it’s not quite that bad though maybe as you’ll probably find a lot of your requests have already been suggested so you won’t need to add again and make duplicates, just add a “like” the the request post that already exists.

Nothing happens at denons end on a single post with multi requests

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I didn’t notice the guideline that was in the other forms, thank you very much for letting me now. I will try to see the other requests form and maybe make some newer ones, same for the bugs.

Please do a search for similar bugs and requests first, as @Antchi states.

Yes, thank you!

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The Prime pitch faders have some inconsistent resistance. Some are much thicker feeling than others, almost hard to move fast. Interestingly, the PPD 9000 upfaders were also very high resistance, but were totally consistent from each unit and from unit to unit… though IMO it was too much resistance.

You might want to consider exchanging for the X1800, as it has fewer bugs than the X1850.

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I agree, Denon’s build materials and quality is good, but not as consistent in every product. Also on the SC6000 jog is the same thing, on higher tension, some jogs (also on my player) seems to scratch with the surface creating an undesirable effect and sound when nudging.

Where are those pre laid out form available?

Well I hope some developpers will read this. The blinking of the BPM fx annoy me. Any chance to get an option to turn this off?

Two things happened recently with the newest version (1.7). After “boot / power on”, channel (digital) pushes no sound to master, until the input selector moved from and back to digital.

Similar headphone gave no sound before touching the CUE know and move a bit.

Neither is super critical, but you know premium mixer shall work reliable always.

Although even Rolls Royce has a repairs department - anything can go wrong. Nothing simply works forever


Yeah I totally see a Rolls not starting the engine until you open the window and close it. Come on’ this is not an issue coming from materials getting old - this is a firmware bug for sure.

I’m sure that if the dev team see those couple of points of interest, as interesting enough, they’ll release some firmware for it.

Sounds like an engineering requirements document.