X1800/X1850: FX bpm sync with Virtual DJ

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I’m planning on buying the X1800 or X1850 mixer. But I want to know: Is the bpm of Virtual DJ being synced with the mixer’s FX bpm (over usb)? Or does the mixers provide Ableton Link for the FX bpm?

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are you sure you’re not asking the opposite thing: is the mixers FX’s synced to the BPM from the VirtualDJ? I assume you will be using VDJ to play the tracks and not some standalone source of audio (players)

When used with Serato, The X1800 gets the FX BpM from the respective serato deck.

I suppose VDJ should not be too dissimilar…but best to check here and on the VDJ forums

Or the VDJ X1800 manual

Correct, but X1800/1850 does not have midi in so it’s some special protocol (HID).

I do believe that for VDJ deck bpm the mixer needs to have midi in capabilities like the old Denon series (X1600/1700).

Perhaps @djbertie may know if it’s possible

Could be midi clock…?

Should have wrote midi clock instead of midi in. Anyway, X1800/1850 don’t support that.

But the OP posted a good question, would Ableton link solve the issue? I guess not since it would send the mixer bpm to the PC software, not the other way around.

Anybody with Traktor or VDJ/Ableton/X1800 combo to test?

Ableton link can have only one LEAD (master) that is the longest in the session. That means - what was first started in the session will be the lead, what was added to the session later will be synced to the lead. Same as on our Prime devices (players, stand alone consoles). If mixer is supporting ableton link and is added to the link session later, it should follow the tempo, instead of sending it’s own tempo.

Yeah, you’re correct. That’s what I meant.

Yup, I assumed that but since most Link users are trying to sync their Prime gear to external gear I did not saw any example of this kind of Link use in live use…

Guess we wait for somebody to test it :confused:

Working on it… So far did a successful link with Traktor and FL Studio. Also did with Maschine Plus via Wifi. Ableton will come soon, when I buy it.

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Thanks for all reactions.

I was hoping that the bpm will be send over HID. According to @mufasa it is working with Serato. So that gives me some hope. Still wanting to be sure if Virtual DJ has implanted that feature properly. So if someone would test it, that would be great.

I also posted it on the VDJ forum, but no reaction.

An alternative would be with the use of Ableton Link. I’m thinking of enabling the ‘ableton link’ effect on the master of VDJ. And then connect the Denon mixer to that session.

the mixer does not have ableton link…the players does

This is correct. The mixer has no input to receive midi clock info. I’m pretty sure it says it in the manual too.

It works with engine connect meaning that the decks are the only things sending clock info to the mixer. So the only thing left to try is to see if bpm info is being passed by the deck when in hid mode to the mixer via engine connect.

An employee of VDJ says on the forum that:

the BPM of each VirtualDJ Deck is sent to the FX Engine of both X1800 and X1850

I got my answer. Thanks for all the help.


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