X1800 with Traktor and Ableton

HI I have the x1800 and one sc5000

I want to have an alternative setup based on Tractor and Ableton.

I know that I can use the X1800 with Traktor. My question is is it possible to connect Ableton to the send/return, so I can have the four channels open for traktor.

I´ve been told this is what Nicole Moudaber, Dubfire, etc… do.

Appreciate your comments.

Those techno DJ’s nearly all use an RME Fireface UCX or Antelope Orion 32 with multi channels at their disposal. Connecting all to a PlayDifferently Model1 with 6 discrete inputs/faders.

Using send/return as a fifth input, wouldn’t be my choice, but don’t die trying! :wink:

Thanks Reese.

Yes, the Model 1 is popular and some use the Xone:96 with 6 channels.

Excuse my ignorance, why would they need the multi channel interface? is that the only way to separate traktor outputs when going to the mixer?

The computer is playing all programs via one audio interface. Traktor, Ableton, Maschine etc. So it’s way more easier to set up.

Another thing is that the Antelope has a Tascam interface that can be fed directly into the Model1. Only one cable is then needed to have all analog channels filled.

Apart from above there aren’t many audio interfaces that have this pristine analog audio quality, so that would be their first choice. Comfort is the second.

Thanks a lot Reese.

So basically I´d need a 6 channel mixer to be able to do 4 decks Traktor + Ableton.

With the X1800, 3 decks Traktor, 1 channel/deck Ableton.

Yes. You can hook it all up, but you’d need to change the input selector.